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Meet Tweek-Eek: The Twin Sisters Creating Jewellery with Robust Machinery

Meet Tweek-Eek, an innovative jewellery label brought to you by enthusiastic twin sisters Roos and Geertje Eek. Being committed to keep their business from design to manufacturing in their home country, the Netherlands, they developed their own unique process to create contemporary jewellery pieces. They take inspiration from the local manufacturing landscape, and use robust machines that were not originally meant to make jewellery but are intended for the furniture or high tech industries. In this exclusive interview with the designers we unfold the story behind the brand and its one-of-a-kind metal jewellery collections.

Tweek-Eek Design

How did you start your label Tweek-Eek? Tell us about its evolution and what that journey meant to you as twin sisters.

Our expertise and qualities fit perfectly together. Roos has a background in metalwork and Geertje has experience in product design. Because of these qualities, and the ability to combine our knowledge and skills, we are able to design and produce in a unique way that makes us stand out on the market.

What is your definition of innovation and how are you planning to achieve it in practice?

The robust machines we use for production are not originally meant to produce jewellery but are intended for the furniture or high tech industry. We found a way to create our designs with these kinds of machines allowing us to pursue one of our core values, which is producing exclusively in the Netherlands. We care deeply about every piece that leaves our studio and in this way we are involved in every step of the way. This allows us to ensure the high quality of our products at a fair price.

For our lates collection we used the punching machine. The idea was to use pons tools, the skeleton and the design itself ensuring that there is no leftover waste. We designed pieces of jewellery where we use all the parts including the leftover skeleton. By cutting the skeleton into pieces new patterns emerged with unique shapes.


Tweek-Eek Design

That is truly a unique way to produce jewellery, and it greatly influences the overall style of the pieces. Does your manufacturing approach imply a certain character who you design for?

Our idea is to put products on the market that could be bought basically by anyone. People invest in our products because they are sustainable and made of highest quality. Additionally, they buy from us because our design is unique and they get to wear something that not everyone has. So, Tweek-Eek is meant for everyone, but of course many of our customers are creative people or people who are concerned for the environment.

For our collections, we upcycle as much as we can. About 90% of our jewellery is made from residual metals from a furniture factory, such as brass, stainless steel and copper. We also reuse leftover fabrics and other materials during the metalworking process, which contributes to Tweek-Eek's unique aesthetic.


Tweek-Eek Design

Symbolism, functionality, aesthetics. Which one is most accurate to describe Tweek-Eek and why?

Functionality and aesthetics! Netherlands is a pioneer in metal, we have several metal factories because of ASML and PHILIPS. To us, it is logical to work with the resources that our country has. So, we thought, why not base our production process on these machines. By thinking logically, you come to a solution. In our case, the machines and materials define the style of the jewellery pieces which gives Tweek-Eek a unique look, and therefore our aesthetics is very strong. We always see it as a challenge to work with residual materials and transform them into unique and innovative designs. 

Jewellery is one of the most common ideas to gift to our loved ones. Why do you think that is? Do you plan to nurture that tradition or challenge it?

In the past, it was considered a big investment to buy jewellery, that women wouldn't necessarily be able to afford. That's why men used to buy jewellery as a gift. Thankfully, this tradition is changing, and more and more women are in the position to make their own investments. I think it's still a nice gesture from a man to gift jewellery but women are also allowed to indulge themselves.


Tweek-Eek Design

Jewellery as investment: why should people invest in a Tweek-Eek piece?

People should invest in Tweek-Eek jewellery because its quality is so extraordinary. Simply put, better to buy one unique high-quality piece of jewellery than 10 trashy pieces.. The machines and materials used give our pieces a robust look in contrast to their elegant design. It is the combination of these factors that makes our pieces innovative, timeless, rough and one-of-a-kind.


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