Jean School

Jean School is an initiative of the Regional Community College of Amsterdam (ROCvA)'s House of Denim foundation in cooperation with large, international players from the denim and fashion industry. Jean School International Course is located in ROCvA MBO College Zuid and Denim City, a unique, innovative location in De Hallen in Amsterdam which includes the Blue Lab, a laundry and extensive denim-archive.

Head of School

Danielle Habets, Chairman of Management Board for ROCvA MBO College Zuid
Erna Arts, Manager of Jean School


Courses overview

Jean School International Course (1-year program)

Jean School International Course is a one-year course on the top level (4) of Vocational Education in The Netherlands. The course is intended for anyone who wants to specialise in denim. Students will be trained to become denim developers or designers in one year. The course focuses on the technical and practice-oriented elements of the profession. Craftsmanship and durability will be emphasised in all steps of the process. Within a year students will know how to transform a design into a sellable product: from drawing patterns to different knotting techniques for denim. During this year they will attend practical lessons in Denim City in Amsterdam. Students will also take part in lessons and assignments provided by professionals who are working for reputable denim brands.

In addition to the international course, Jean School also offers a program for Dutch students. Please visit the website for more detailed information.

Noteworthy Alumni

John Randy Anthony
Donna van Langen
Soufyan Benrhziyel
Niels Mulder

Life in Amsterdam

In the last couple of years Amsterdam has grown to, unofficially, become the denim capital of the world. The city is host to many renowned department stores, famous brands, the world’s first Jean School and Denim City, making Amsterdam the place to be for every denim-head.

Amsterdam is a compact city, hosting dozens of world-class museums, miles of beautiful canals and narrow cobblestone streets with lots of charm. Perhaps the most welcoming thing about Amsterdam is the fact that English is the second language and nearly everyone in the Netherlands speaks it fluently. Amsterdam is considered to be one of the best cities in Europe. It is a beautiful, laid back town with lots to do, lots to see, great food from all over the world and friendly people wherever you go. Amsterdam is a student-friendly city. Student accommodation and facilities can be found all around the city.

Tuition and Scholarship information

Tuition fee for international students is €6000

Additional costs include:
| Teaching materials, such as books, readers and other materials: €550
| Top-concept contribution: €500
| Laptop with Adobe Creative Cloud software (essential for participation in this course)