Janette Klein University Mexico

Since 1985, we are a company specializing in fashion that has formed the main actors of the Fashion and Apparel Industry University in our country.

As an educational institution we believe in creative freedom, exploration of personal identity and design processes to develop successful and full professionals.

With assets teachers in professional circles of fashion and advertising we emphasize the importance of being updated in the education we offer our students in each of our materials, coupled with the latest technology and information systems accessible to all our students.

As a university specializing know that the fashion system is one of the most changeable and it is essential to be at the forefront of the global information industry; This is why our staff is continually trained to provide the best educational service.

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Bachelor of Fashion Design and Advertising
Degree in Marketing and Advertising
Master of Marketing and Integrated Communication 

Life in Mexico City

Living, studying and working in Mexico offers an immersion experience incomparable with any other Spanish training program in the United States.

Mexico City is one of the oldest, largest and most cultural cities on earth. At 7,200 feet, Mexico City is blessed with one of the world’s best climates. Its government boasts that it has more museums than any other city on earth. With a young democracy, a bustling economy and an emerging ecological movement, Mexico City is a leading city in Latin America and positioned to be a global hub. It provides an extremely international, cosmopolitan backdrop for studying International Counseling.

Tuition and Scholarship Information

By nature and vocation of service, the University Jannette Klein supports and favors a significant number of students, and seeks to provide the greatest benefits to those who need it. To learn more about financial aid click here. Being admitted to the University Jannette Klein you must pay your registration to continue your process and thereby avert your place as space is limited, for further information on fees click here.

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