Istanbul Moda Academy

istanbul Moda Academy (İMA) is the world-wide acclaimed, most proficient fashion school in Turkey, offering an innovative and modern education in the field of fashion and all relevant branches. While adopting the systems of internationally proven success, İMA collaborates with famous internationals fashion schools.

Founded in 2007, İMA pursues the goal of training fashion professionals of the future, possessing an in-depth insight in fashion, design and arts, as well as an awareness of the global markets. The Academy thus aims to introduce a creative, innovative and future-steering workforce in the fields of textiles and apparel, two pivotal industries in Turkey, with his autonomous structure.

İMA’s main educational areas are categorized under Fashion Design, Technology and Product Development, Fashion Management and Fashion Communication and Media.

What distinguishes İMA as an exclusive fashion school is a support İMA receives from the industry, which combines the theoretical infrastructure of the training programs with practical industrial projects and support its programs with varied seminars, workshops and projects.


Since its establishment in 2007, the İMA has aimed at just one thing in all its education and every step it has taken and that is to be able to always offer its students something more than just an education in fashion… For this reason, in all its education, it has adopted an innovative approach which thinks outside of the box.

İMA, with its different ways of perceiving its students, provides an education which supports being innovative, outside of ordinary, unique and innovative individuals. By strengthening theoretical education with its professional applications, it develops students in the subject of forming a creative, dynamic and innovative identity.

Combining its academic content with the real life, İMA is an exclusive fashion training institution and maintains the theoretical infrastructure of the training programs and applied industry projects with the support it receives from the sector. İMA has become one of the most premium fashion schools of the world thanks to its competent academic staff, which is comprised of local and international experts with professional experience in the fashion industry; its up-to-date curriculum drafted in line with industrial needs; and its facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology; as well as the most comprehensive fashion library in Turkey.

It has the privilege of close cooperation in projects with the clothing, textile and fashion sectors and supports its educational programs with these exclusive projects. The aim of the cooperation, which is divided into two groups, as İMA Industry Projects or İMA Designer Projects, according to the subject and needs of the program being carried out, is to strengthen the program content with experiences which reflect the realities of the sector.

Life at the iMA

The İMA, based at the historical Sadrazam Sait Paşa Mansion, offers students a technologically-advanced educational environment filled with events and a maximum variety of different possibilities from a social and cultural perspective.

The İMA hosts art events with global prominence and is one of the city’s most important cultural platforms which bring together the worlds of fashion, design and art. It supports various national and international activities, such as seminars, workshops, exhibitions, museum visits and competitions, which contribute to the personal development of its students.

Courses at the İMA, which hosts a dynamic educational environment and wide areas of application supported by the latest technology, are conducted using SMART education technology. Alongside design studios and classrooms equipped with plasma TVs and projectors, classes are also held in the Photograph Studio, the CAD-CAM Studio, the PV and Mac Studios and the Sewing, Template, Leather and Digital Printing Workshops.


Each of the studios has the latest technological equipment and is equipped with all the hardware which is the basic requirement for applications in training programs. In order for Fashion Design students to be able attend lessons in an effective manner and comfortably carry out applications, in the Template and Sewing Studios there is technical equipment appropriate for every student’s individual use, such as mannequins, fully-automatic straight sewing machines, overlock machines, ironing system with wide, narrow vacuum board, template, cutting and drawing desks and draping models.

Furthermore, in the studios there is also a 3D printer, which has been frequently used in recent times in the product development processes of innovative brands. It is a special tool which transforms any kind of drawn design into a real object using special materials.

Fashion Library

Established in 2007 to fill an important qualitative and quantitative gap in the field of fashion, the İMA Library is Turkey’s first and most comprehensive fashion library with a collection of 6000 publications to date.

As part of its educational philosophy, İMA aims to enable students’ effective use of personal research and learning methods. With this in mind, the İMA Library provides within it comprehensive resources which touch on fields such as fashion and fashion designers, fashion history, templates, sewing, fashion administration and marketing, fashion photography, drawing and design, portfolio techniques, art, art history, administrative sciences and culture and cultural studies, all that which the textile and fashion industry needs. The rich and up-to-date İMA Fashion Library, which supports students’ development, offering them technological experience, is always open for the use of students and the sector.

In the library, which is open for the use of fashion professionals and the industry, there is a collection which encompasses 5528 books, 59 periodic magazines, 438 multi-media materials, 7 trend forecast publications, alongside electronic magazines and databases, all of which are organised thematically according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.


A member of the IFFTI (International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes), İMA grounds its vision and strategy on inter-cultural communication.  Such an integrative and international strategy offered by İMA provides students with access to premium quality fashion institutes, international fashion brands and designers. While adopting the systems of internationally proven success, İMA collaborates with the University of the Arts London / London College of Fashion, its main partner in academics, as well as world-famous fashion schools such as Polimoda, Institut Français de la Mode and Nottingham Trent University. Together with, İMA aims to shape the future of textile and ready-to-wear fields and the fashion industry itself with the strength collaborations between of United Brand Association, Turkish Clothing Manufacturers Association, Turkish Leather Council, Fashion Designers Association and more…

Graduation and Careers

Every year, the İstanbul Moda Academy sends off its final year Fashion Design Faculty students into the sector with a graduation ceremony held in its building in Nişantaşı. The works of students who are graduating are presented for the admiration of the sector at the İMA Graduation Exhibition.

Industry Meetings

Istanbul Moda Academy prepares talented young people who would like to make a career in fashion for the future and accordingly, brings together the executives and design teams of important ready-wear companies with students within the context of industry meetings. It introduces the graduates to special focus groups, including senior executives from industry-leading companies such as Beymen, Mudo, Koton, Bilsar, Defacto and LC Waikiki. It also gives them the opportunity to present their collections by telling all their stories from their source of inspiration to design and production processes and enables significant business connections to be made to carry their careers beyond.

During these meetings which take place at İMA, brand managers visit the graduation exhibit which is held every year, meet the students while they examine the designs and listen to them. Leaders of the industry come together with young designers to evaluate the work that graduates have done throughout the year. Thus, İMA graduates begin their fashion careers one step ahead with the rich network of İMA in the fashion world.

New Gen Fashion Show

New Gen takes its name from the fashion shows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul exhibiting the collections of İMA Fashion Design Undergraduate and Postgraduate Program. Every year, a number of new graduate designers are selected by a jury of fashion experts in order to present fashion Show under the name of New Gen at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Istanbul and sponsored by the İstanbul Ready-to- Wear Apparel Expoters’ Association (İHKİB).


The İMA’s support for students begins with education, but it does not end with graduation. İMA will always use all its networks, knowledge and resources for its students. Being nourished by the industry and in return nurturing resources for the industry, İMA takes on the responsibility of placing effective human resources in the right places. The “Career Support Unit”, which was created with this understanding, provides the necessary support for İMA students’ and graduates’ potentials, discovering their inclinations and identifying their targets. İMA adopts an educational system which offers the possibility of students and graduates to meet with the sector and aids the enterprise of youngsters who are aiming to make a career in this field.


İstanbul Moda Academy's support for students starts with education but it does not end with graduation. İMA always uses all the relationship network, experience and resources that it has for its students. İMA feeds on the industry to create resource back for the industry and takes the responsibility for placing the effective human resource at the right position. In the company pool created by İMA, the companies that accept trainee students are listed and the quality of the company and human resource needs are assessed. On the other hand, the information of the students who want to do an internship is collected. As a result of the interviews conducted with these students, they are sent to the companies and the brands in line with their career goals and abilities.

Academic Programs

Fashion Design and Technology Undergraduate Program (Womenswear & Menswear)
Fashion Design and Management Postgraduate Diploma Program
Footwear Design MA Program
Pattern and Model Development in Fashion Design
Fine Arts Preparation and Portfolio Program

Professional Development Programs

Fashion Design Diploma Program
Bag Design
Footwear Design
Collection Building and Planning
Fashion Management
Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Retail Store Management
Textile and Apparel Customer Representative
Fashion Communications and PR
Fashion Blogging and Social Media
Fashion Journalism
Fashion Photography
Personal Fashion Styling
Photoshop and Illustrator in Fashion Design
Fashion Illustration
Digital Printing Techniques

Summer Programs

Design Factory
Fashion Design Workshop

Corporate Training and Consultancy

Aiming to support companies’ positions in the industry, these programs include customized training and consultancy projects that offer tailor-made content such as design, product development, production, visual editing, fashion brand management, and product management in retail.