Inside the Studio: NATHALIA CANAMARY

A designer's studio is not just a place to work: it's a space where creative alchemy occurs each and every day. From inspiration boards to collaborative corners where ideas come to life, each designer's studio is a reflection of their unique aesthetic and approach to design—and that's why we are taking you inside the studios of our NJAL designers. We spoke with designer NATHALIA CANAMARY to learn more about her unique and inspiring space perfectly situated in Brazil.


Which city and particular neighborhood is your studio located in?

My studio is located in Fortaleza, Brazil, specifically in the Aldeota neighborhood.

What made you choose this particular space and location?

Oddly enough, my studio is located in a dental clinic, which is my stepfather's. When I decided to start working with jewelry, I needed a space and he offered me to stay here for a while. The atmosphere here is super friendly and he is always around helping me. It's been almost six years since I've been here and I love this place.

Most favorite and least favorite aspects of the neighborhood?

This location is perfect for me! The space is a bit cozy, but it is close to my house and I don`t spend much time on transportation.


What made you decide to create a fixed base with a physical studio space?

It's great to have a space to focus on your work. Sometimes I also work from home, but when I need to create something new I like to work alone in the studio.


How do you think working in a studio plays a role in the design process? 

I always begin prototyping my ideas and I have all the tools and equipment I need in my studio, so it makes my creative process easier.


Tell us a bit about your space. What are your favorite components?

I have a room of approximately 12 square meters: I have some machines like rolling mills, polishing engine and the workbench, which is where the hand tools are and where I spend most of my time.


Where do you feel the most inspired in your space?

On my bench!

Bring us through a day in the life while working in the studio.  

I do not have a defined routine. Sometimes I have to take pictures of the pieces or edit them. Sometimes I have clients here or I have to do the organizational tasks of the studio. But I like it better when I have to dedicate myself to production and I'm here working alone. I like to put a playlist on and try to forget the other things around me.


What is the most unexpected part of the studio? 

I think the fact that I have my torch brings a lot to the space. Whenever I show videos on Instagram, many people comment and find it lovely to see the molten metal.

What’s your creative process like? Has it changed since working in your space? 

My creative process is totally experimental. I have to test my ideas and there are always new perspectives in this process. I think the end result becomes a lot more interesting.


Are there other designers working in this neighborhood?  

Unfortunately not. Just dentists!

What personal touches did you add to the studio? 

I've been slowly renovating. I changed the floor, I changed the walls and I also created a panel to expose the pieces, because sometimes I also receive clients here.

Nathalia Canamary on NJAL