Inside the Studio: GUILLORY

A designer's studio is not just a place to work: it's a space where creative alchemy occurs each and every day. From inspiration boards to collaborative corners where ideas come to life, each designer's studio is a reflection of their unique aesthetic and approach to design—and that's why we are taking you inside the studios of our NJAL designers. We took a visit to Antwerp to peek inside the studio of NJAL designer brand, Guillory, where inspiration is everywhere and process is constant.


Which city and particular neighborhood is your studio located in?

Antwerp, Belgium.

What made you choose this particular space and location?

Since I’ve moved to Belgium, there was no doubt for me that Antwerp was the best location to get inspired, to work and simply to be around.

Most favorite and least favorite aspects of the neighborhood?

Antwerp is very open-minded, I really love this. No doubt, it is a fashionable city, it is creative, full of ideas and inspiration. As one of the world’s leading fashion capitals, it has developed its own distinctive personality. On top of that, the appearance and evolution of the ‘Antwerp Six’ happened here, so it is also part of Antwerp’s fashion history and identity.

What made you decide to create a fixed base with a physical studio space?

I really needed a separate working space devoted solely to work, a space that would inspire me to create new things, collections and a space where I could be concentrated 100% on my creative process.


How do you think working in a studio plays a role in the design process?

I think it is important to have a place dedicated to your creativity, a place where your collections are born. It is crucial to be inspired there, concentrated (not distracted by things that you don’t like or don’t need). It is your creative world, territory of your ideas, inspiration and creativity.

Tell us a bit about your space. What are you favorite components?

In my studio you can see a lot of closets with plenty of drawers, every which of them contains treasures: various crystals and jewelry components gathered from all over the world. There is a technical area where product pictures are taken (with a professional camera, lights, softbox); there is a computer that contains all the important information about collections, pictures, financials, videos and, of course, social media and messengers for communication. There are also a few tables providing enough space to place all the materials, to sketch, to sew, etc.

Where do you feel the most inspired in your space?

Once I enter it, I feel inspired.

Bring us through a day in the life while working in the studio.

It can vary, but normally it contains the following: creative process, sketching, sewing, selection of materials. We are constantly looking for inspiration, ideas and the best combinations of textures, colors and shapes. There is also communication: with partners, clients, people interested in the brand in some way or another. Of course, there is also work with numbers, financials. And, indeed, work on the stock, purchase of materials, communication with suppliers.

Sometimes there are business trips, for example, our few previous photoshoots took place in Madrid.


Most unexpected part of the studio?

The studio has a view on our pool where I can relax in summer!

What’s your creative process like? Has it changed since working in your space?

Since Guillory got its own space, work became more organized and structured. Moving from the living room table to a real office was a big step in developing the brand.

Are there other designers working in this neighborhood?

Yes, there are plenty of designers working in Antwerp.

How did you find the space?

I had a few criteria for the space, but once you see it—you realize that that’s what you’ve been looking for.

What personal touches did you add to the studio?

There is Guillory’s logo and mannequins wearing Guillory’s samples. Speaking of my personal things, I have a corner with magnets from all the countries and cities I’ve visited, it is a small world of my warm memories and inspiration, reminding me of the places I’ve seen, the colors, textures and emotions I experienced. I also have a few pictures of people that I love—these are the only personal things in the studio that by now became an inevitable part of.

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