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Industry Expert: Women's Wear Daily

NJAL+, our new premium designer membership, features countless perks and deals from our industry partners; from fashion to tech, each partner is a force in their respective field, working to shift what's expected and bring the industry to new heights.


Eager to tap into the unique viewpoints of our various partners, we're featuring interviews that bring a distinct voice to each brand we've chosen to work with. First up: Women's Wear Daily. We took a moment to chat with WWD's Editorial Director, James Fallon, to hear more about WWD's efforts to shift the industry one headline at a time. 


Are there any specific ways in which designers can utilize WWD to grow creatively?

Designers have read WWD ever since it was founded more than a century ago, both for reviews and news about their own companies as well as their competitors. The information WWD provides on new brands, new textiles and consumer trends can help inform designers as to what markets to cater to, what styles are in favor and out of fashion, and what colors and fabrics and most in demand. There is then, of course, the coverage of the runway shows in WWD, which is more comprehensive and global than in any other media.

How do you work to empower the next generation of designers?

WWD has always reported on new designers and brands—it is as vital to our coverage as writing about mega-brands and established designers. Ideally we cover young designers before anyone else, but even if we don’t, our coverage will be more extensive and in-depth than almost anyone else. WWD also is read by students at all the top fashion schools worldwide, enabling them to gain insight into the workings of the industry. WWD is often included in the course work of these leading fashion schools—giving students real insight into how the industry works and is organized. On graduation, what many students find is that WWD is a vital tool in building their careers—whether it is as part of a design staff at a larger brand or launching their own label. The insights WWD provides in terms of trends, consumer tastes, retail developments and more provide the next generation of designers with vital information as they begin their careers in the industry.


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What excites you about the future of fashion?

Everything, truly. Fashion has always been on the cutting-edge of helping to define where our culture and society are going—not just next season, but years ahead. Seeing young brands become mega-businesses; watching as major companies move from simply fashion into food, entertainment or hospitality; seeing the growth of new markets and products—the list goes on and on. Fashion is a dynamic, ever-changing industry, and WWD’s role is to report on that faster, deeper and better than anyone else.


What do you see as the key challenge for WWD in 2019?

The same as it is in every year: getting exclusives and scoops to report developments in the industry before anyone else. It is also important to adapt to the trends and ensure we are covering the current issues of importance to our readers, from sustainability to diversity, the #MeToo movement to streetwear. As a result, we have instituted several regular features and columns to ensure we remain the go-to source for all industry news and analysis.


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We live in a time where fake news dominates headlines. How does Women’s Wear Daily work to democratize the world of fashion media? How do you strike a balance between creativity and news?

It is at times like this that WWD becomes even more important to our readers. On the wall of our head office in Manhattan is a saying by a member of the Fairchild family: “Our salvation depends upon delivering the news.” And that is the motto we still live by—objective, in-depth, comprehensive, and analytical reporting of the news in the fashion, retail and beauty worlds and at all levels—from mass market brands and retailers to luxury ones. We have always taken a democratic approach to the industry, and always will.

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