How to Shop Made to Order

“The future of fashion lies in made-to-order designs, where craftsmanship and sustainability take precedence over mass production" - Maet Studio for Not Just A Label

The positive future of our shared planet will be defined by radical luxury or 'slow fashion' whereby garments are responsibly made by designers that have a deep connection with their clients, team, and manufacturers. 

At Not Just A Label we have hundreds of made-to-order designers that produce stunning bespoke womenswear and menswear garments for happy clients the world over. Here's your guide to becoming a customer of the new way to build a meaningful and sustainable wardrobe. Read our guide on how to shop made to order luxury fashion online now.


VII, Nova. Image courtesy of VII for Not Just A Label.



  • Visit our Made-to-Order section on our marketplace after reading this how to shop made to order guide.

  • Utilize the filters to narrow down your search based on your preferred style, color, or designer.

  • Take your time to explore the diverse range of garments available until you find the one that catches your eye.

Image courtesy of Yvvonne for Not Just A Label.



  • Once you've found the garment you love, proceed to place your order.

  • As you order, be sure to include your measurements for a perfect fit.

  • For waist measurements, please note that it should be taken above your belly button.

  • When measuring your arms, start the tape measure close to your armpit and extend it down to your wrist.

TESTAraki Shiro, Araki Shiro 2022. Image courtesy of Araki Shiro for Not Just A Label.



  • After placing your order, our system will notify the designer.

  • If you have set up a profile on NJAL (Not Just a Label), the designer will send you a message directly through the platform.

  • If you choose to shop as a guest, our dedicated team will communicate with you directly for any further questions you may have regarding your order.

TESTIdaliina Friman, BA Graduate Collection. Image courtesy of Idaliina Friman for Not Just A Label.



  • We understand the excitement of receiving your Made-to-Order garment, and we strive to deliver within 21 days or less.

  • Our designers put their heart and soul into crafting each piece, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.

TESTAna Casas, Shut Up, Petarda. Image courtesy of Ana Casas for Not Just A Label.



  • Please note that Made-to-Order garments are customized specifically for you, based on your measurements and preferences.

  • Due to the personalized nature of these items, returns or exchanges cannot be accepted unless the garment arrives damaged or significantly deviates from your specifications.

  • We highly recommend carefully reviewing your measurements and customizations before finalizing your order.

TESTKingwen, The Heirs. Image courtesy of Kingwen for Not Just A Label.



  • Some designers may offer additional customizations beyond measurements.

  • These can include options such as fabric choices, sleeve lengths, or neckline variations.

  • Communication regarding these customizations will be handled either through NJAL (if you have a profile) or directly by our team at [email protected] for guest shoppers.

  • Do share this guide on how to shop made to order fashion with your friends to share the knowledge!


“Personalized products are manufactured when needed, so they prevent over production. And because they’re tailored to individual tastes and preferences, they potentially increase their longevity in the customer wardrobe." Sara Gi for Not Just A Label

Now you know how to shop made to order, we wish you a positive time consciously shopping independent designers at Not Just A Label.