Harim Accademia Euromediterranea

For years, Accademia Euromediterranea has contributed to the training of new fashion and jewellery designers in the Euro Mediterranean area. The choice of founding the academy in Sicily (Italy) is a result of the globalisation that permits you to create and produce anywhere. One of the most important advantages of its presence in the territory is to represent a meeting point for all creative people in the Euro Mediterranean area. A place where you can acquire a strong sense of professionalism through living in a context rich in energy, incentives, history and tradition. In a continuously evolving society, training renews as well. Accademia Euromediterranea changes its programs periodically, anticipating cultural trends, technological innovations and costume phenomena.

The guidelines are:
| Training hours based on a full immersion formula to get young students used to business rhythm. Moreover, laboratory, behind-the-scenes and creative office experiences help to create a real contact with the working world.
| Practical training: Accademia is committed to supporting in-service training. Accademia continues to strengthen the role of technicians, to celebrate the importance of artisanship and to improve the assessment of practical skills in fashion and jewellery design.
| Limited class size: the limited number allows us to create a selected and highly competitive environment.

Head of School

Gabriella Ferrera is a Sicilian experimental artist that carries on a new vision of fashion: not only as an artificial celebration of beauty and femininity but also as a creative encounter with art. Her passion for fashion has always accompanied her life, daughter of a noted family of tailors, she grew up in the fashion studio of the family, pursuing the tradition of the Ferrera family and its attention to style and high workmanship in haute couture. 

She attended the Academy of Fine Arts and became famous for her "clothes-installation" made of a variety of unexpected materials. Gabriella has participated in important events such as the Italian art quadrennial in Naples, the exposure in the Oxo Tower in London and in the Museum Expression of Paris and many other traveling exhibitions in Carthage, Cyprus and Taormina. With her husband Marco Aloisi, in 1993 she founded a prêt-à-porter clothing lines sold in the Middle Eastern market and in 1997 they founded together Accademia Euromediterranea, a fashion and design school that is a reference point for the promotion of Sicily and of its Mediterranean fashion culture in the world.


Courses Overview

Four-year Fashion Design course
Three-year Jewellery Design & Accessories course
Three-year Fashion Marketing & Digital Communication course
Three-year Fashion Photography course
Three- year Fashion Stylist & Communication course
Three-year Interior & Product Design course
Three-year Graphic Design & New Media
Three- year Design & Communication course

Noteworthy Alumni

Manuel Maida, Gaetano Alan Accursio, Salvatrice Bugliarello (Dondup), Carlo Caffarelli (Gucci), Valentina Territo (costume designer), Federica Guarnieri (blogger), Eva Cammarata, Gianluca Santangelo, Gabriella Scuto, Morena Cutello (Gomez- Gracia)

Life In Catania

Catania is located on the eastern coast of Sicily in Italy and is the second largest city in Sicily. It is located at the foot of the biggest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. Catania is a touristic and economic centre for Sicily, an important hub of industry, particularly electronics. The city is a major university centre that attracts students from all over the south of Italy. It is known for its active nightlife and vibrant culture. Catania attracts thousands of tourists from around Italy as well as other countries throughout the world. Catania is also known for its architecture and has a Unesco-listed historic centre thanks to the grandiose black-and-white buildings over baroque piazzas. Accademia Euromediterranea is located in the residential area of the city, near the most elegant shopping streets and near the subway station.

Tuition and Scholarship Information

To gain admission onto the courses you need to take part in a pre-selective interview and an aptitude test to verify the creative and artistic-cultural knowledge of the future students. Every year Accademia Euromediterranea assigns grants, giving the most deserving and economically disadvantaged students the opportunity to attend one of the courses. The evaluation criteria are set on income, merit and age.

Graduate Shows