Fashionally #10 | Young Stars Shine Bright On Hong Kong Stage

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13 September 2017

Fashionally #10 | Young Stars Shine Bright on Hong Kong Stage

The annual FASHIONALLY showcase champions Hong Kong’s up-and-coming designers. In collaboration with The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, NJAL reviews the show’s 10th edition, and its most innovative and exciting creatives.


The show opened with HANG, whose three-dimensional tailoring is intelligently utilised for a sporty, energetic look. Designer Mim Mak celebrates naturalism with the use of pollutant-free greige fabric along with a display of knotting and weaving techniques as embellishments.


Demo. interpreted the new dandy with aplomb, with designer Derek Chan incorporating elements of Japanese traditional costume worn by courtesans into his suits for a elegant, relaxed and very stylish look.


There is always an introspective quality to Kurt Ho’s designs. Displaying great craftsmanship and innovative construction, his latest collection is a search for new forms and possibilities, but at the same time possesses a timelessness appreciated by a wider audience.


FromClothingOf subverts the feminine stereotype by using masculine fabrics and suiting details to create a series of dresses with a hint of period drama. Designer Shirley Wong has re-invented travel clothing such as windbreakers and multi-pocket pants in a surprising yet practical way.


Kenson Tam’s outdoorsy collection is replete with details. There is an adolescent charm to this menswear collection, which is inspired by the novella and film Death in Venice and also incorporates themes of repression and sublimation.


Necro Poon’s new collection pays tribute to underground and street culture. It is all about social resistance and intrigues with deconstruction, oversized layers and outerwear emblazoned with bold graphics and details.


Long coats over pale and sheer dresses may be well tried and tested, but it still manages to charm, as Lapeewee’s latest collection stylishly demonstrates. Designer Yannes Wong takes inspiration from the film Little Miss Sunshine to create baby-doll, empire waist dresses interwoven with outdoor and sporty elements.


Ka Wa Key explores the relationship between masculinity and Asian male identity in a dreamy, whimsical collection. Design duo Key Chow and Jarno Leppanen never disappoint with their experimentation with fabrics and have nailed it again this time.


NelsonBlackle plays with panelling and construction to create a collection that pays tribute to Japanese-French painter Tsuguharu Foujita. You will also see denim and other experimental finishing techniques in Nelson Leung’s one-of-a-kind collection.


Closing the show was Kevin Ho, whose designs are always recognisable by their distinct feminine cuts, silhouettes and patterns. Using unique draping techniques, contrasting colours and fabrics, this collection displays a fierce, tribal edge.

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