Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part Five

With Spring making its way into 2017, Niccolò Montanari's next piece focuses on how brands and film-makers have celebrated love in all its shapes and forms. It’s a topic that we are constantly drawn and exposed to, as how we experience love evolves and adapts to what we are currently facing.

NJAL's fashion film curator, Niccolò Montanari's, selection of fashion films aims to give a wide range of perspectives. From the young and fresh approach of our teenage years seen through Miquel Día’s 'Vertical Love', to the painful experience of letting something go of 'Simple by Trista - Movement 1' by Trista and 'NONsense Collective'. In addition, Niccolò wanted to highlight how a global brand such as Nike has felt the necessity to send out a positive message to the world with Luca Finotti’s ode to love, inclusion and uniqueness: #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove.

No matter where you find yourself in life, take some time to share some love with those you care about.


The idea behind Finotti's #WeBelieveInThePowerOfLove is to bring together Riccardo Tisci and Nike's worlds. Taking inspiration from Tisci's statement "I believe in the power of love", Finotti aims to underline that we are all believers.

Vertical Love by Miquel Díaz

Shot for Barcelona-based accessories brand Innfall, 'Vertical Love' is a Nouvelle Vague inspired portrait-oriented video exploring the more tender and nostalgic side of love.

To Catch A Dream by The Nest Collective

Starring Ajuma Nasenyana, 'To Catch a Dream' tells the story of a grieving widow.  Haunted by nightmares, Ajuma dives into forgotten fairytales to help her put a stop to her pain.

First Kiss by Tata Pilieva

Recreating the intimacy and awkwardness of a first kiss, American brand Wren asked twenty strangers to kiss each other for the first time without having previously met one another.

Shaped by the Sea - by Lamyna for Il Bussetto

'Shaped by the Sea' is the first film by the Italian brand Il Bussetto. Looking through mementos of the past, this film is a jump into a series of events that have shaped a man’s heart.

Parachute Caleçons - Immersion by Victor Trifilieff

With this witty and humorous short, French underwear brand Parachute Caleçons is here to remind all men that underwear can make or break a relationship.

Simple by Trista - “Movement 1” by Trista and NONsense Collective

Simple by Trista - “Movement 1” is a film about a crucial moment in life, a moment of transformation during which you have to let go of the past and start afresh.

Night Owls by Muschi Kreuzberg

'Night Owls' is part of a three-shorts collection called Badtime Stories for Berlin fashion label Muschi Kreuzberg. The videos explores the more careless and juvenile side of romance.

Jumper by Justin Anderson

Inspired by Pasolini’s art-house film Teorema, 'Jumper' looks into the lives of a middle-class family, all connected individually to an outsider. The film was shot for the ten year anniversary of British fashion designer Jonathan Saunders.

Amor Sacro Amor Profano by Luca Maria Piccolo

The video was the MA Fashion Photography project of director Luca Maria Piccolo. It revisits oil paintings through film, focusing on the ethereal side of beauty and love.