Fashion & Fantasy | Part 9

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 9

This month’s curated film selection by Niccolò Montanari is an ode to Mexico, its beauty and the creatives behind some of the best fashion films, music videos and short films from this country. Culturally rich and dynamic, Mexico boasts a history embedded in textile and design, as well as internationally recognised film talent.

The ten shorts below aims to grant an insight into the aesthetic, the rhythm and the visual soul of the country. It’s a selection meant to portray how Mexico is seen by Mexicans, how it’s seen by outsiders and how they are able to bring their own aesthetic abroad.

Las Flores, Los Espíritus y Los Instantes by Carla Fernández

Carla Fernández is a Mexican fashion label that creates contemporary, yet timeless pieces. The strong focus on local textile techniques allows for a more sustainable approach to fashion, which is the focus of her fashion film.

Ry X - Bad Love by Irrum

Shot entirely in Mexico for Australian singer-songwriter and musician Ry Cuming, Bad Love is a stunning music video and a tribute to the natural beauty of the country.

Old Times by NONsense Collective

Old Times is a film about love, time and loss. It’s an appreciation of the beauty of the past, an exploration of regret through an insight into our past actions. The film is a tribute to sorrow, embracing love as a necessary sickness.

Etereas / Animation Shortfilm by Flaminguettes

Nominated for and awarded with several international awards, this impressive piece shows off its creativity by bringing together the world of dance and animation.

Muxes by Ivan Olita

As part of NOWNESS’s series Define Gender, director Ivan Olita dives into the world of Mexico’s third gender. The muxes are born male, but live as women playing an important social role in the community.  

The Dead Woman by Angela Reyna

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, specifically the character of Ophelia, The Dead Woman is a transformative journey through death as seen by Mexican designer Angela Reyna.

Mario by Adolfo Gurrola

Big winner in the amateur section for Best Film, Best Photography and Best Styling at the Mexican Fashion Film Festival, Mario stands as a quest for inspiration and new ideas.

Warhol Warhol by Mariana Jiménez (Snob Solutions)

Warhol Warhol is a tribute to Andy Warhol, reinterpreting his work and aesthetic through the language of fashion film.

Cornelia by Nef Espino

Cornelia works as a dialogue between femininity and masculinity. The struggle between the two gives rise to a powerful aesthetic able to illustrate the need for a fresh approach to gender in fashion.

Greatland / Garage Magazine by Santiago & Mauricio

The new video for Garage Magazine is a visual commentary of the characters and personalities of The Great Land through the eyes of the Mexican directing duo.