Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 7

A monthly curated fashion film selection by Niccolò Montanari: In a celebration of summer, the next Fashion & Fantasy installment features video content that let us travel without leaving our desks - the ten videos below are an ode to everything that we love about summer.

I specifically picked them as they all share that carelessness of long summer days and nights, mostly associated with youth. Something that we are all familiar with and can easily recognise, as defined in the opening sentence of Matt Lambert’s video The Feeling - ID x Marc Jacobs: “It’s a feeling, you feel it when it’s coming on. It’s gonna be summer”.

Hunted Dreams by Yannay Matarasso & Daniella Meroz

Animation, choreography and direction nicely come together in this little gem set to the beat of Öngyilkos Vasárnap" by Venetian Snares.

Tommy Hilfiger — Tommy’s Rollersquad by Manson

A sunny pop celebration of pop culture with Tommy’s Rollersquad’s dance routine and backflips through Venice Beach.

Tropical Island by Jeppe Kolstrup

A short film questioning the meaning of life, while appreciating and reflecting on its beauty.

The Pearl Divers by Pictoresq

A community of young and free women left everything behind to embrace life as pearl divers.

Mami Wata - Woza by Pantera


Featuring 22 year old Transkei surfer Avuyile Ndamase, the film tells the story of how he was taken as a lover by the African water spirit Mami Wata.

The Feeling - ID x Marc Jacobs by Matt Lambert

The feeling is an ode to the youth of summer,  celebrating friends and endless days and nights.

A Young Summer’s Heart by Romano Pizzichini and Maria Falbo

A short film focused on the best things of being on holiday - eating, chatting up locals and skating through small towns.

Bertrand Le Pluard x Eres - Poolside Realness by Bertrand le Pluard

A playful short making fun of our insecurities when it comes to showing off some skin, featuring a wide range of bathing suits by French swimwear label Eres.

Miu Miu - Suddenly Next Summer by Alasdair McLellan

In the third campaign for Miu Miu by Alasdair McLellan, the photographer brings together an impressive cast of women to the setting of a breezy and cool sun-soaked beach.

Stop us for Siyyu by This is Felo

In the official music video for French electronic pop band Siyyu, the directors explore new perspectives by playing with geometrically shaped mirrors and endless landscapes.