Curated Films


A MONTHLY CURATED VIDEO SELECTION BY NICCOLÒ MONTANARI: With Cosmonautics Day just behind us, during which we celebrated the first time man reached space, it seems quite fitting to explore video content looking at space as a source of inspiration.

When dealing with the topic and storytelling elements of space, film directors truly have the ability to let their imaginations run wild in order to create entirely unique universes for audiences. From fashion and make-up choices to the selection of the cast, music, and sound, the beauty of bringing new worlds to life is an endless exercise in creativity. The selected films below are but a small representation of aesthetically-driven video content focusing on space. It is, however, just enough to give you a taste and let your mind wander. 

Kokosmos. Directed by Anna Radchenko

Somewhere between a fashion film, a music piece, and an experimental video, Kokosmos embraces reality and extends it through magical realism by visually answering the question: what if? The finished product is a surreal fantasy aimed to extend our perception of reality by letting us wonder over the existence of a higher being and our connection with her.

Gucci Fall Winter 2017 Campaign: Gucci and Beyond. Director’s Cut. Directed by Glen Luchford

Humans, aliens, and dinosaurs. What more could you want from a sci-fi themed fashion film? The Gucci Fall Winter 2017 Campaign is an ode to the sci-fi of the 50s and 60s, with a clear reference to the legendary world of Star Trek. From one scene to the next, the film is a rich and imaginative composition leading the viewer straight into Alessandro Michele’s incredibly unique world.

Aliens. Directed by Jiajie Yu

Channeling the feelings of alienation in his film, Aliens, Madrid-based director Jiajie Yu looks at what moving to a new city and trying to fit in looks like. What’s interesting about the film is that, even though we are not actually talking about otherworldly beings, we are still introduced to a new world. The visual aesthetics, the sound, the characters—they are all aimed at creating something realistic and familiar, yet absorbing and alienating.

Björk - The Gate. Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

If we are talking about space, the cosmos, and new worlds, of course we have to include Björk’s The Gate. The video is inspired by love, but as Björk herself explained: “not in the quotidian romantic sense but in a broader cosmological way." It brings together on sound, visuals and lyrics—thanks to Björk’s collaboration with artist and director Andrew Thomas Huang and Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele.

Fantasy. Directed by El Popo Sangre

Written and directed for the Forest For the Trees international Art Event in Portland, Oregon, the video makes use of numerous morphing and transforming sequences to take the viewer on a journey to outer space. This surreal, experimental animation is directed by Paulin Rogues AKA El Popo Sangre, a French indie CGI director who just loves building entire universes revolving around love and absurdity.