Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 15

A Monthly Curated Video Selection by Niccolò Montanari: With spring timidly making its way back into our lives, I decided to look at time as the main topic for this month’s Fashion & Fantasy column.

In particular, I looked at films that dealt with transitioning from one stage of our lives into the next, and the subsequent challenges that we have to face. From the moment we are born, we are constantly required to adapt to new situations and have to learn how to handle them, just before having to move onto the next big change. From our first love and having to find our own path, to embracing family life and dealing with the loss of our loved ones, these are all situations that we’ll all have eventually go though. Shared experiences that make us unique and bring us together at the same time.

Naaz - Words by Folkert Verdoorn

Shot to accompany the track by 18 year-old Dutch musician, Naaz, this music video sees a wide range of people from different backgrounds and generations come together.

Not(e) for a Dreamer by Enrico Poli

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Enrico Poli, in collaboration with Italian label M O N O - Y, Not(e) for a Dreamer is a stunning coming-of-age film, using the changing of seasons as a reflection of the transition from childhood into adulthood.

Soul Land by Meeto

The new film by Scandinavian menswear label Soulland, winner of the Best International Fashion Film at Copenhagen Fashion Film Festival, is a stunning and emotional exploration of what it feels like to fall in love at a young age.

Mrs. Poucheau by Amanda Lago

Played by actress and singer Cachito Noguera, Mrs. Poucheau shares an incredibly powerful yet familiar story of a woman’s journey in accepting change and appreciating its beauty.

Snowbird by Sean Baker

Shot by acclaimed director Sean Baker in Slab City (California) for Kenzo, Snowbird is a bittersweet journey into the lives of a community of characters always on the move.

MBC Vanguards & Visionaries A / W by Sergi Castellà

In this short film created to present Match Boys Collective’s A/W'17 concept collection, director Sergi Castellà visually explores the themes of search and discover in the life of a young person.

Le Fix - Happy Nothing by Ian Isak

For their SS18 collection, Danish brand Le Fix decided to use film to explore life in the suburbs and understand how the younger generation is enjoying life outside of the city.

Young by Charlie Watts

Questioning this generation's obsession and relationship with social media, director Charlie Watts looks at how we connect with one another and the roles we take on.

Stories from those Jungle Books | Ray-Ban by Fanny Hoetzeneder

Commissioned for Ray-Ban’s short film series #campaignforchange, Stories from those Jungle Books follows the lives, challenges and internal dialogues of several characters as they grow up.

Heaven by The Blaze

French duo The Blaze are producers, directors, and musicians all at once. In their latest video the celebrate life and family with the core of the video being the innocence of a newborn baby.