Curated Films

Fashion & Fantasy | Part 13

A Monthly Curated Video Selection by Niccolò Montanari: "For my first 2018 Fashion & Fantasy installment I decided to venture into the realm of dance and movement."

With video being able to bring together several creative artforms, movement is a recurring element in music videos, video art and fashion films. The selection below focuses both on the aesthetic aspect of dance, as well as its unique storytelling way. In these films, movement plays a leading role, enhancing them on a visual level, adding an additional layer to the narrative and strengthening the emotional connection with the viewer.

The Performer by Michael Gugger

Inspired by the sound of Brooklyn-based cello and drum duo Live Footage, this dance performance combines several artistic disciplines with interactive technology.

Statures of Gods by Arthur Valverde

In an exploration of the art of movement, Statures of Gods sees three ballet dancers from the Opera National de Paris captured as they effortlessly float through the air.

Moderat - Eating Hooks by Måns Nyman

In an experimental piece for Berlin-based electro band Moderat, director Måns Nyman combines the contorted movements of dancer Rauf Yasit with glitch-heavy VFX. 

Maze by Eve McConnachie

In this high-energy film set in a derelict Glaswegian swimming pool, Scottish Ballet dancers Madeline Squire and Javier Andreu discover one another through the choreography of Sophie Laplane.

Farm // 20 anos de Sol by Ariela Dorf

Creative director Carlos Mach teamed up with filmmaker Ariela Dorf to celebrate the twenty years of Brazilian label Farm in their latest video campaign, featuring twenty dancers moving to the beat of Barbatuques’ Baião Destemperado.

Pillar Point - Dove by Jacob Krupnick

Shot in the street of Bogota, Pillar Point follows the emotive dance and moves of performer Kia Labeija in search of her lover.

Duit ft. Jesse Boykins III - All the People by Krzysztof Grajper

Set against the world-famous white Marble Quarries of Carrera, All the People is the first music video from electronic music producer Duit’s debut album.

Becoming Violet by Steven Weinzierl

Looking into the relationship between beauty and chaos, Becoming Violet sees creativity as a transformative and uniting power.

The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open (feat. Beck) by Dom & Nic

In this one-shot video capturing Ex Machina actress Sonoya Mizuno, we follow her as she moves through an open space slowly transforming herself into a synthetic version of herself.