Fashion Factory School

Fashion Factory School was founded in 2013 with the aim to create a business and experimental platform for the new Russian fashion industry. The curriculum covers all the key aspects of the industry: forecasting and creation, materials and garment manufacturing, managing, promotion and sales, professional education and employment, innovation.

The lecturers of the educational programs are top-managers of the best and biggest Russian companies as well as worldwide experts: manufacturers and suppliers of materials and finished products, design studios, wholesalers and retailers, lawyers, economists and other specialists (e.g. Wild Orchid, Glance, Solstudio Textile Design, Trends-Brands, Kira Plastinina, Disney, designers Victoria Andreyanova, Yasya Minochkina, Andrey Artemov as well as partners from China, Japan, Italy, Austria etc.).


One of the main parts of our mission is the creation of a community of young and highly qualified professionals united by the experience and expertise exchange between professionals working in different areas and segments of the Russian and international fashion industry.

The project activities are held in various formats:
| Monthly open lectures to an audience of 400-900 people with the participation of well-known media personalities
| Special topics courses held by fashion market experts
| The flagship course of the project - the Impulse. This is individual training for a limited group of up to fifteen students for a period of three months. During the course, students cover all stages of a young brand in development, from the concept and choice of the segment to the business plan development and production placement.

We analyse the market daily, meet new potential lecturers and develop educational programs adapting them to our audience. We are open for cooperation and interested in building a strong infrastructure for the development of the market and entering the overseas markets.

Head of School

Liudmila Norsoyan is a famous fashion designer and founder of the innovative knitwear brand Norsoyan, a NJAL Black Sheep resident.

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Main audience of our programs are business owners and managers.
| Fashion Impulse: a 3 month course on building a successful business
| Assortment planning and production planning strategies
| How to place orders in Russian factories
| How to write a business plan, do promotion and increase sales
| Knitwear collection: creation and production
| Jewellery brand management
| How to open an atelier and grow this business
| Legal aspects in fashion
| Internet marketing
| How to visit and participate in international exhibitions
| English for the fashion industry

The most up-to-date information, content and schedule are on our website.


Noteworthy Alumni

More than 500 different business owners and managers have finished our courses. Many of them come from different cities in Russia and even from Israel, Italy, Sweden etc. Among the designers we can start with the following alumni but there are also many other brands, factories and managers who are worth mentioning:
Asiya Bareeva 
Sergey Stifonov 
Medea Maris 

Life In Moscow

We organise many public events aimed at connecting professionals. Public talks are held monthly. We also organise professional forums and conferences, do business programs on tradeshows and significant events in Moscow.

The Russian fashion industry has created a new, active generation of talented designers. They are integrated in international environments. They are interested in language learning, travelling, knowledge of design and business; they understand their own style and have the strength to work with international markets and present unique ideas to an audience. Fashion retail is also flexible, it looks younger and actively cooperates with young fashion brands. Furthermore clothing, knitting and shoe manufacturers keep updating. It is integrated in modern production standards. This is a stage of association of the professional fashion community: designers – production – retail.

Fashion Factory School's mission is to identify and communicate with the most talented and promising young designers, manufactures, retailers, press and other fashion experts.

Tuition and Scholarship Information

| Fashion Factory School does not offer scholarships.
| We organise internships and employment if needed.
| Information about tuition can be found on our website.