Curated Films

Fashion and Fantasy | Part One

Starting today, NJAL will collaborate with fashion film consultant Niccolò Montanari to curate a monthly column focused on presenting and highlighting outstanding fashion film content.

Niccolò has been working in fashion film since 2012, when he co-founded Berlin Fashion Film Festival. He is now working as a fashion film consultant for brands, designers, filmmakers and tradeshows. In September 2016 he launched The Commissioners - in partnership with Studio Spaces in London. The new bi-monthly event highlights lifestyle-driven video content through screenings and panels and brings together filmmakers, designers, producers and brands working in or looking to produce video content.

“The content selected for Eyecandy is meant to show how fashion film is constantly developing and changing, bringing together several creative industries. With fashion standing as more than just clothing, this selection is meant to show that fashion films go beyond being films about clothes. Fashion films tell stories, conveying feelings and emotions, for example expressing a brand’s values rather than focusing on selling a product.

Eyecandy is a monthly selection of creative video content, from independent to larger productions, from experimental to more mainstream, able to stand and be appreciated on its own regardless of any brand affiliation. The selection for this month includes some of my new favourite pieces, such as Marie Schuller’s commentary on our obsession with beauty and perfection and Georgia Tribuiani’s gentle ensemble of nature, human imagery and sound. These ten films stand as an introduction to show the great variety in fashion film in terms of content and execution, as well as to my own personal taste.”


Lure by Arice for Iceberg

Co-produced by Vogue Italia and Fashion Film Festival Milano, this film is part of the #ThroughMyEyes project, in which ten Italian brands were associated to ten emerging directors to tell their version of Made in Italy.


Dirty Image by Ruslan Pelykh

Shot on Leica T and featuring Julia Kulik this video is a prime example of the fast-paced video work by Ukrainian-born and New York-based director Rusian Pelykh. From photographer to filmmaker, Rusian shoots music videos, ads and fashion, with his work appreciated globally across film festivals and fashion weeks.


Babyface by Marie Schuller

Standing as social commentary on today’s obsession with perfection, London-based director Marie Schuller contributed to Nowness’ latest series of Define Beauty. With this film she looked at how our unrealistic beauty standards are affecting the women of tomorrow.


Anaak | Escape by Georgia Tribuiani

In this collaboration between US label Anaak and award winning director Georgia Tribuiani, the film explores the relationship between Man and nature through sound, image and movement.


Dirrtywork “East London” by Ivan Jurado

A personal project in collaboration with casual street wear brand DirrtyWork born between Barcelona and London. Shot as a tribute to East London, an ever changing and growing multicultural part of London.


Summer of Love - i-D by Leo Adef

The last chapter of i-D’s ‘Summer of Love’, this film tells a love story made in Barcelona. Director Leo Adef was able to illustrate how Pau and Guiu met through social media and continued their relationship in real life.  


Fashion film “Silver Goddesses” by Vlad Jakovlev

Celebrating women in their silver age, director Vlad Jakovlev shows how age isn’t something that should stop you from being able to express your creativity.


AAA - Fermi Paradox by Aaron A. Arnoldt & Corentin Kopp

This film, which premiered on i-D Germany, presents Aaron Alexander Arnoldt’s second year collection from the Royal Fashion Academy Antwerp. Film and collection were developed simultaneously and are conceptually linked to each other.


Monodrama Odyssey by Patricia Gloum

Shot as a collaboration between filmmaker Patricia Gloum and fashion designer Manuel Fernandez of the Fashion Art Institute, this film is an homage to our past as well as our future. Several patterns are cast on a unique item designed by Manuel Ferndandez and painted over by Bernardo Medina.


Cut to Bliss: Force of Fashion by Moree Wu

Chinese graphic designer Moree Wu, currently based in NYC, created this abstract motion graphic film for her SVA MFA Computer Art graduate thesis. It explores female empowerment through fashion with impactful geometric visuals.


Becco di Rame - Film in Six Tableaux by Melany

Loosely based on real life events of Becco di Rame (Copper Beak), this short film tells the story of Ottorino, a brave goose who lost his beak defending his friends against a fox. Once rescued, Ottorino received a brand new beak made of copper and a new name: Becco di Rame.