Curated Films

Fashion and Fantasy | Part Four

In his fourth fashion film edit for NJAL, Niccolò Montanari explores how lifestyle-driven video content has approached womanhood and femininity

This month’s selection was led by a series of conversations I had throughout 2016 with women about women. Similarly to many other industries, film and advertising suffer from the lack of opportunities offered to female professionals. Not only that, but even when dealing with films and themes directly concerning women we’ll find that they aren’t given the chance to be involved.

With this selection I simply wanted to show how lifestyle-driven video content has approached womanhood and femininity, and whether there are any obvious differences between male and female directors exploring similar topics. There’s a clear focus on the body, on beauty, sex and relationships - themes that have been discussed before within the female context. What’s different is their association and shift towards strength, pride and effortless attitude.

This isn’t by any means meant to be a complete range of films on this topic, but is rather a starting point to encourage you to start thinking about it. Especially at a time like this, it’s important to keep the conversation going, to engage with one another and challenge those patterns that have consistently been shutting people out. 

Orange by Rubberband 

Orange is one of three shorts by directing duo Ruberband for American rapper Goldlink. The three videos represent three different relationships we all go through, with orange representing "Equilibrium - The moment where all the noise fades away and you feel absolutely connected to that other person."

Under Waters for Novembre Magazine by Builders Club

London-based creative duo Jonas Hegi and Julien Simshauser (Builders Club) deliver a video editorial exploring beauty through a series of distorted video frames portraying women underwater juxtaposed to atmospheric city stills.

Lift Up by Agostina Gálvez


In Lift Up a trio of teenage gymnasts train in the Los Angeles’ Angels Gate Park Center. Through a hypnotising routine, director Agostine Gálvez highlights the girls’ movements, bodies and strength against the geometry and primary colours of the location.

Caravan Palace - Wonderland by Agence Cumulus 

This pink-flavoured animation, produced by Lyon-based creative studio Agence Cumulus , portrays the slightly sadist and matriarchal fantasies of a teenage girl. All to the beat of French electro swing band Caravan Palace.

Incredible Machines by Kathryn Ferguson

Resident Film Director & Consultant at Selfridges Kathryn Ferguson explores the contemporary notions of underwear. The film looks into the relationship of five women with their bodies and undergarments, a topic traditionally seen through a man’s eyes.

Eye for an Eye by Marco Prestini

Commissioned by Vogue Italia and Fashion Film Festival Milano, director Marco Prestini collaborates with Gucci with the project “Through My Eyes”. The film has a certain Kill Bill feel to it, exploring love and relationships through vengeance and anger.

Girl on the Escalator by Kayhan Lannes Ozme

Charles Bukowski’s Girl on the Escalator is transported on video by Turkish-Brazilian director Kayhan Lannes Ozme. The film is a literal retelling of the poem, with all its brutal political incorrectness. 

Faux Chaud by Femke Huuderman

The latest work by Amsterdam-based director Femke Huuderman’s has a distinct 70’s feel to it. Intertwined bodies are cut by lines and grid lighting and juxtaposed with sexually charged images.

Gucci 'Seaside' by Oui Kim

Shot for W Magazine, this video brings together several subtle elements to deliver 58 seconds of strength and effortless beauty. Soul-based director Oui Kim combines an overly feminine aesthetic with an attitude-filled soundtrack and gender-fluid outfits worn by South-Koean model Sung Hee Kim.

Dina Lynnyk SS17 Intro by Pylik 

Shot by Ukrainian motion graphics artist Pylik, this film was created for designer Dina Lynnyk. Similarly to how the designer views her collections, this video plays with different textures and shapes, bringing together elements from nature and the art world.