Esmod Oslo

Celebrating fashion as a way of life, to make cultures and their differences interact has been ESMOD INTERNATIONAL’S leitmotiv since it was founded. Fashion, is to explore, to discover, to anticipate, to imagine, and to create…learning how to observe and to analyze are essential in order to meet consumer demands.  For more than 170 years and thanks to high quality teaching, in CREATION as well as in BUSINESS, the ESMOD INTERNATIONAL group has trained creative designers and pattern drafters, and also the professionals who accompany them for production, sales and the promotion of their collections. To become part of tomorrow’s talents, ESMOD is a must.  In just a decade of existence, Esmod Oslo has acquired a prestigious reputation throughout Northern Europe. This creative excellence has been confirmed in collaborations with big Fashion names like Diesel, Saga Furs, Hennes & Mauritz … as well as the school’s concept of professionalization workshops.

Head of School

Christine Walter-Bonini

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Undergraduate Program Fashion Design & Creation
Specializations in 3rd year : Women's wear, Men's wear, Children's fashion

Tuition and Scholarship Information

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Graduate Shows