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7 May 2011

Eleanor Amoroso

Not everyone can brag about actually having made every single piece in their graduate collection from scratch. During the stressful weeks of putting together a collection as a final assessment for their degree, a lot of fashion students use the help of others.

But Eleanor Amoroso was never one of them, she did every little bit of knitting in her Autumn/Winter collection for 2010. Inspired by African tribal clothing, using the old Middle Eastern tying technique of macramé, her pieces are little dreams of sheer happiness for a true devotee to fashion and details. Looking at the pieces you can tell that Eleanor is one who is diligent at work. She recalls in particular one of her dresses taking her weeks to make.

Standing in the studio continuously working on her piece, her fellow students kept passing her by, asking if she still was working on the same dress. And indeed she was, as she knitted it from top to bottom solely by hand. As with everything else the hard work paid off and the dress, in black and dark brown, makes you think of a Celtic warrior with fringes hanging down to the foot of it, truly looks empowering. Also finished off with a thick knitted and then braided necklace does not make it less of a statement.

Eleanor Amoroso clothing on hangers

The time the British designer puts into her work and the talent that shines through her clothes are the simple, yet exact reasons why Eleanor Amoroso is one to watch out for. Her latest jewellery pieces she is currently working on, are a commemoration of the forgotten art of craftsmanship; and there is certainly more to come. Still focusing on the techniques of macramé, the highly gifted fashion designer creates every piece from scratch. And like any true fashion lover would say: “They are to die for.”

Using fringe and metal as a basis, she makes necklaces and cuffs with a tough African warrior character combined with a gentle feel. The softness of the fringe is sharply contrasted by the hard metal details always present in the pieces. The metal pieces she carefully picks out in her local hardware shop, and laughingly says that she “has even made friends with the owner.

Eleanor Amoroso model wearing fringed statement necklace

The people working there all recognise me by now”. Together with the soft fringe, it is an unbeatable combination and something the designer has carefully spent her time creating, not allowing anyone else to do the job. Watching the detailed craftsmanship, it is not difficult to understand that the jewellery is made with more than its share of patience and passion.

To start, she puts the round cord – which makes up the base of the necklaces – around the neck of a mannequin, she then knits the fabric together, and, as she says, “slowly lets the process handle itself”. Starting off with a rough idea, she lets the work of her hands lead the way. The jewellery takes it shape bit by bit, but always with the distinguished soft fabric hanging down from the neck as a result. The finished design is admirable and taking note of the detail in the accessories; you would have to search for an eternity in order to find something comparable. Or as 24-year old Eleanor Amoroso humbly puts it herself: “I let a lot of time go into the pieces. It is nice to make it a bit special.”

Eleanor Amoroso model wearing white crop top

Although, being of their unique and noticeable character, the pieces make it as accessories worn both by day and night. Either with a plain t-shirt or jersey in the daytime or with a dress or jacket by night. The opportunities are endless. Either way they are worn, they will surely not go unobserved, just as the fashion designer herself. Her items have been requested by various established fashion magazines such as Dazed and Confused and LOVE, her work has already left marks in the world of fashion. And that is probably just the beginning of the label, Eleanor Amoroso.

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