Design Academy of Fashion

Established in 1999, the Design Academy of Fashion has built an outstanding reputation as a leader in fashion education. Constantly striving towards excellence and innovation in the ever-evolving world of fashion, DAF is committed to adequately prepare its students for the fast pace of the industry, staying on the forefront of design, technology and business savvy. With a contemporary approach to education, the academy fosters inquisitive learning through the encouragement of individual development, focusing on the strengths of each student, made possible due to the limited class sizes and the lecturer’s dedication to one-on-one attention and guidance and encouragement to engage the world through their unique point of view as designers, creative thinkers and innovators.

Head Of School

Bianca Fobian – Managing Director
Suzanne Aldridge – Administrative Director

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

The Fashion Diploma is a three–year course that provides the ultimate preparation needed to enter the fashion industry in any profession. Whether you dream of starting your own fashion label, or becoming a successful fashion buyer or stylist, this course will enable you to be the best you can be in your chosen fashion field.

The Higher Certificate is a one-year course that provides a foundation in fashion design and is comprised of the most essential knowledge and skills that can be learnt in one academic year. This course is perfect for those who already have a diploma in another field but wish to further their studies and focus their career on fashion, or those who wish to dedicate one year to the study of fashion design and be introduced to the industry.

DAF offers short courses on Saturday mornings for those who are interested in gaining practical skills in the field of fashion but are unable to commit to a full time course.

Patternmaking & Garment Construction:   This course will provide you with a foundation for understanding the principles of patternmaking and garment construction. The patternmaking process will be explained from basic blocks to the creation of your own unique patterns. In the garment construction class, practical exercises will demonstrate the translation of patterns into garments including samples of various construction details and you will be able to create a basic garment of your own design.

Patternmaking & Garment Construction (PART2):  This course will add to the foundation laid down in patternmaking and garment construction 1, fleshing out your basic knowledge while bringing in your input into the design, patterning and construction process.  Participants will then undergo the exciting process of cutting and sewing up their personal design.  If you want to sew garments up for yourself or a client with ease, this is the course for you!

Fashion Styling:  This course combines the theory of fashion styling with practical, real life exercises that will give you the confidence to pursue styling as a career option, freelance undertaking or extension of your fashion design studies.  We explore the various areas where styling is used in in the fashion industry.  If you want a strong foundation for becoming a stylist or to explore and develop your eye as a designer…this is the course for you!

Tuition and Scholarship

Registration must be paid annually, on acceptance of the portfolio for the 1st year learner applicants and on a pre-determined registration date for the 2nd and 3rd year learners.

Student fee payment options include full payment on or before the 31st January of the academic year (less 5% discount); or alternatively on a half yearly basis (payments to be made by the 31st January and 31st July); or on a quarterly basis (payments to be made on or before the commencement of the new / next term).

Those electing to pay the full fees, i.e. the balance of the annual school fees excluding the registration payment, should note that this must be paid by the 31st of January each year in order to qualify for the single payment concession.

Students will be informed of any bursaries offered by industry and the South African National Fashion Council as they become available.

Under certain circumstances, DAF can provide financial aid to deserving students. After completing the first year, students can apply for financial aid to be awarded.  This will need to be approved by the Board of Directors and the Quality Committee.

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