CFE Manufacturers Trade Show and FashTech Meet-Up

Centre for Fashion Enterprise connects fashion designers with tech and manufacturing businesses at a day-long trade show followed by CFE’s 14th FashTech meet-up. Taking place at LSO St Lukes in Old Street, close to both Silicon Roundabout and east London’s fashion community, this event will showcase traditional and innovative manufacturing and explore the possibilities of technology-enabled design and manufacturing. It illustrates CFE’s commitment to nurturing SMEs and providing opportunities for networking.


April 3rd 2019


Tradeshow: 9:30am - 6:00pm
FashTech Meet-Up: 6:00pm - 9:00pm


LSO St Lukes
161 Old Street
London EC1V 9NG


The CFE Manufacturers Trade Show is a unique sourcing event for fashion businesses looking to connect with high-end production units, including manufacturers, pattern cutters, fashion software and embroidery services, which cater to smaller scale quantities for fashion entrepreneurs. Exhibitors, this time, include Jenny King Embroidery, Kitty Ferreira and London Pattern Bureau and new knitwear offers from Knitster and Harlowe Studios. 

CFE’s 14th FashTech Meetup will explore the next wave of making: technology-enabled design and manufacturing. This evening event hosted by CFE will bring together a panel of experts, including Carys Roberts - Chief Economist and Head of the Centre for Economic Justice at IPPR - to discuss: What will automation do to job supply? How are designers adopting technology in their creative processes? Will circular technologies demand that designers take ownership over a garment’s entire life cycle?


Carys Roberts is Chief Economist and Head of the Centre for Economic Justice at IPPR, the UK’s leading progressive think tank. Carys’ published research spans a range of economic topics, including automation, work, gender and wealth inequality. In 2017, she published Managing Automation: Employment, inequality and ethics in the digital age, which informed the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice and was featured on the front-page of the Guardian. She is an experienced media commentator and has appeared on Radio 4, Radio 5Live, Talk Radio, LBC, BBC Breakfast and Sky All Out Politics. She has previously spoken at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and at ASOS on the topic of automation and the fashion industry.


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