Bunka Fashion College

Bun ka Fashion College was founded in 1923 as the first dressmaking school in Japan. Since then, Bunka has had a significant role in shaping fashion education in Japan. Its original, specialised and practical curriculum adapts to the changes in a diversified industry, and it continues to cultivate fashion professionals who can easily adapt to the modern fashion industry.

Bunka Gakuen Education Foundation is the organisation that hosts the four schools that make up Bunka, Japan. Bunka Fashion College, Bunka Gakuen University, Bunka Fashion Graduate University, and Bunka Institute of Language. Bunka not only promotes practical, specialised education but it also develops joint research with industry and develops collaborative projects with industry, government and educational institutions. Bunka Fashion College is progressing and developing with the times.


Courses Overview

Bunka Fashion College has four major departments; Fashion Creation, Fashion Technology, Fashion Marketing and Disutribution and Fashion Accessories and Textiles. 

Bunka Gakuen University offers Bachelor Degrees, Master and Doctoral Programmes within its graduate school.  In the Graduate School of Fashion and Living Environmental Studies, the Master’s program in Clothing Science Studies is the only course taught in English. 

Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU) offers two year Masters Courses in Fashion Design and Fashion Technology. Bunka Fashion Graduate University is the first specialized skills-related postgraduate institution in Japan.

Bunka Institute of Language focuses on Japanes Language Study

Offering Diplomas and Advanced Diploma courses, the later are the equivalent to a four year university undergraduate degree. 


Noteworthy Alumni

The number of Bunka alumni has surpassed 300,000 over the course of its history and it has produced many great designers such as Hiroko Koshino, Yohji Yamamoto, Chisato Tsumori and NJAL's own Leonard Wong (picture below).


Tuition and Scholarship Information

Bunka does not offer scholarships. Information about tuition can be found here.