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28 June 2012

The Bungalow

The Bungalow is a line designed by French designer Mathieu Leguillon for prominent Mumbai concept store, Bungalow 8.

Mathieu has an impressive background, after graduating from Paris' Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and ENSAD he began his career with the ambitions of designing theatre costumes, but after being offered opportunities like working as an assistant designer for leading couture houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin in Paris, his attention was steered away from the theatre and towards fashion design.

Mathieu is fascinated with historical and traditional garments and has continued to study their construction. He strongly believes in concepts that have been tried over the eras and tested by the best.

Elements such as volumes, silhouettes, pattern cutting concepts, detailing, and surface ornamentation, combined with abstraction and experimentation are the bases he works off of for new collections and garments.

The Bungalow - Model in orange draped dress

His design philosophy comes from the necessity of comfort and versatility. Mathieu's strongly believes that it's not a garment that makes a woman, but a woman that makes a garment.

His clothes are ones that you can make your own, add your own personality to and style and reinvent continuously.

In keeping with the Bungalow 8 spirit, Mathieu's line is classic and surpasses time and trends. It is about creating clothes that are rooted in India but global in outlook; it’s about a mature and developed expression of indian-ness, not the kitschy and kurti 'made in india' interpretation.

Combining Assam silks, khadis, paisleys and ikkats to create multi-layered clothes with flawless cuts, unusual permutations, complex silhouettes and immaculate detailing is what The Bungalow does.

When thinking in terms of conventions, the creation of something new can be both simple and complex. Unembellished yet detailed, global yet Indian, reasonable yet quality conscious, couture yet craft, these contradictions are what make The Bungalow what it is; for the individualist, as limited editions of fabric form the basis of this collection, with no two garments being identical.

Nothing inspires me like...

Fabrics. Textures, colours, fall... A new combination is the starting point of a new idea.

I hope…

Designers keep their unique sensibilities, and that we will succeed in the preservation of disappearing crafts.

Cultural influences…

It made absolute sense to me to come to India, where heritage and traditions are truly one of a kind. I mix my Parisian know-how with my learnings here in India.

I got where I am...

Thanks to my curiosity!

Fashion can sometimes...

Be a distraction to style.

Creativity comes from…

An enriching afternoon full of cultural encounters.

The Bungalow - Model in purple and white flowing dress

Paris is…

Home and my eternal inspiration. It will always be my one point of comparison.

I live east…

Of the sea, facing it, in a tree house.

I like making...

Fish terrines, scrambled eggs, fruit salads.


Is highly regretted, but nevertheless a reality.

I love getting older...

And bolder.

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