Biofabricate 2018

From algae and bacteria to mushrooms and yeast, BIOFABRICATE is the annual summit for the emerging world of grown materials. We're excited to be hosted again this year by New Lab, Brooklyn.


13th December


8:00am - 6:00pm EST


New Lab
Building 128
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, New York 11205



From algae and bacteria to mushrooms and yeast, join us to discover the latest disruptive research and companies growing the materials of the future. From architecture to apparel and personal care to performance, Biofabricate is the event to experience how biotechnology is facilitating a new material revolution. 


Session 1:
On our 5th anniversary, we'll start the day by setting the scene.  We’ll chart the trajectory of the field of consumer biofabrication, review the big picture, and introduce our 2018 Design Lab which will showcase some of the key innovations from this year and the last 5 years.

Session 2:
We dive into a session all about you, the promise of highly personal well-being, and how the technology platforms offered by consumer biotech are bringing new meaning to personal care.  We’ll also unpack how companies in this space are optimizing their platforms - identifying additional product and co-product opportunities to the beauty industry.

Session 3:
What does it take to bring new biofabricated products to market? Through discussions with veterans in the space and new entrants, we’ll explore factors such as cognitive diversity, understanding timelines and scaling, strategy, and when and why to introduce strategic partnerships.

Session 4:
Our final session of the day will look at the challenges and opportunities ahead. Ending with perspectives from key founders and thought leaders on their goals for commercialisation, scaling, and the future impact of the field.


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