The Australian Circular Fashion Conference

The annual Australian Circular Fashion Conference is Australasia’s first leading business event on sustainability for apparel and textiles. Following the success of the first annual Conference in 2018 – the 2019 ACFC is a call to action to accelerate and expand sustainability efforts, in order to support industry and mitigate risk over the next 5 – 10 years. The conference will attract over 500 business leaders from the largest multinational companies in the Australian + New Zealand industry.



21st and 22nd March,2019


8:00am – 5:30pm


St Kilda Town Hall
99A Carlisle Street
St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia



The motivation to establish the ACFC was in response to the mounting evidence on the environmental impacts from the fashion industry globally.  At every stage within the supply chain there is avoidable waste and pollution. The challenges are complex and we need to take action now. The beauty of fashion is, the flexibility to be inventive and creative. ACFC believe this is how we can see a real transition for modernisation in current fashion production.

The impressive ACFC Agenda includes a high-level industry network evening promoting an economically viable industry for all sectors within fashion, a University Hackathon Challenge addressing systems thinking, complex design solutions for circularity and overcoming material reuse in large companies. Plus the full one day conference where the world's most incredible professionals cover five key pillars of the circular wheel, and to cap off, the following day presents a workshop series where 50 attendees will be take a deep-dive into each core topic of circular business and exclusively engage with the international speakers.


| Thursday | Circular Fashion Conference

  • 8.00am Registration
  • 8.50am Event Opening & Welcome
  • 9.10am Keynote Presentation 1 - Tim Loftus | Sustainability Marketing | Christchurch NZ (Ex-Kathmandu)
  • 10.30am Keynote Presentation 2 - Elin Larsson | Filippa. K
  • 11.15am Hackathon Grand Finale
  • 1.00pm Keynote Presentation 3 - Christian Dreszig | Bluesign + Megan Meiklejohn | Eileen Fisher 
  • 2.00pm Cotton Australia Presentation, Brooke Summers
  • 2.15pm Fireside Panel & Forum - Cr Jess Miller, Dean Jones, Matt Davis, 
  • 3.00pm Keynote Presentation 4 - Dana Davis + Celine DeCarlo | Mara Hoffman
  • 4.15pm Modern Slavery Pow-Wow Talk - Max Van Biene | Edge Environment
  • 4.30pm Keynote Presentation 5 - Giusy Bettoni | C.L.A.S.S
  • 5.15pm Closing Remarks & Finale

| Friday | Circular Strategies Workshops

  • 8.00am Registration & Introduction
  • 8.40am Workshop 1 | Best Practice + Procurement - Megan Meiklejohn | Eileen Fisher + Jacinta Fitzgerald | Make.Good
  • 10.05am Workshop 2 | Design + Supply Chain - Elin Larsson | Filippa. K + Clara Vuletich 
  • 11.45am Workshop 3 | Supplier + Standards - Christian Dreszig | Bluesign
  • 2.05pm Workshop 4 | CSR + Marketing Values - Giusy Bettoni | C.L.A.S.S 
  • 3.30pm Workshop 5 | Stewardship - Ollie Milliner | Kathmandu + Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • 4.50pm End & Recap

Dana Davis | Mara Hoffman | New York 
Tim Loftus | Sustainable Marketing | Christchurch
Megan Meiklejohn | Eileen Fisher | New York
Elin Larsson | Filippa. K | Stockholm
Giusy Bettoni | C.L.A.S.S. | Milan
Christian Dreszig | Bluesign | St Gallen
Ollie Milliner | Kathmandu | Christchurch
Celine DeCarlo | Mara Hoffman | New York

Workshop Hosts & Facilitators

Megan Meiklejohn | Eileen Fisher & Jacinta Fitzgerald | Make.Good
Elin Larsson | Filippa. K & Clara Vuletich
Christian Dreszig | Bluesign
Giusy Bettoni | C.L.A.S.S
Ollie Milliner | Kathmandu + Special Guests - the Sustainable Apparel Coalition



Camille Reed | MC
Dean Jones | Glam Corner | Sydney
Cr Jess Miller | City of Sydney | Sydney
Andrew Sellick | Australia Post | Melbourne
Brooke Summers | Cotton Australia | Sydney
Matt Davis | Salvos | Melbourne


Tickets range from $240 and can be viewed and purchased here.


For more information please view the website here.