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10 November 2011

Alicia Reina

On an island in the sun within the last century or so I came to be. The warmth of the tropical breeze would soon turn into gusts of freezing cold winds that would come and go with the changing of the seasons.

No more was there constant summer and beaches but instead a clear distinction of time.  The symbolic transgression of each season alluded to the passing years and thus evolution of myself.  

Enamored with expression from the sublime to the obtrusive, life was ever present to interpret.  With a magic slice of a scissor to the minimal push of a pedal, the interweaving of the needle realized the conceptual to formation.  Experiences at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence Rhode Island and Polimoda in Florence, Italy in both apparel and footwear design elevated my awareness of technique and thus enabled me to further master my skill.  

My collections explore the dichotomy of relationships.  Viewed in pairs, the looks tell a story of masculine and feminine counterparts existing in various forms within one female being.   The collections feature men's tailoring techniques juxtaposed with romanticized colours and textures that are present in transparency and layering.  Mostly comprised of separates, the versatility of the pieces allow for easy transitions from day to night.  

All prints are original, developed and produced with the collaboration of fine artists in New York City.  Each piece plays its part in telling a story.  They are meant to interact with each other and establish a dialogue between the item and the wearer.  It is about a woman’s fascination with clothes; her story written as she seeks alternatives each day to better amplify her persona; to symbolically reveal her secrets to the world. 

Nothing inspires me like…

A tall glass of water. Water is our most precious resource. Keeping the glass half full is the best way to think in the most simple purest of ways. The vast mysterious ocean has never ceased to move me.

I hope…

To continue to be happy in love living my life; of being able to wake up each morning for the next 50 years to come; of exploring the world and seeing what influences help strengthen my work.

Alicia Reina model wearing peach jumpsuit

Cultural influences…

Being from Puerto Rico and growing up in Boston caused a lot of chaos in my head. As a child I felt like I had two identities with different names in Spanish and English separated by two realities.

I got where I am....

By not taking myself too seriously. I maintain a strong relationship with my inner child whose eyes sparkle every time they see a drop of glitter and confetti sprinkles. Preserving that sense of innocence and curiosity is important as they tend to flee with maturity and time.

Fashion can sometimes...

Be fleeting. The process of making clothes is such an art that instead of appreciating the present we are already skipping ahead to the next best thing. It is a fast sailing ship in the deadliest of storms.

Alicia Reina printed fabrics

Cake makes me…

All giddy and fuzzy inside. It is my weakness. As a child, every time I went food shopping with my mom, I would walk straight to the bakery and get the most elaborate cupcake with a mountain of frosting and sprinkles. I would sit underneath the shopping cart and eat it while we shopped.

I love getting older...

Because as you grow older you grow wiser. You loose those insecurities you had as child and learn to accept who you are. In all reality, I want to be a fabulous wrinkled old lady who wears turbans and elaborate caftkans and loads of lipstick. I think fashion is cooler with more wrinkles.

I scream when…. 

I see hair that is not is not attached to a head. I have a huge hair phobia and freak out every time I find a loose strand.

My future is…

Mine for the taking. It is not about what I want to do but who I want to be. The horizon is infinite and so should ambition.

Alicia Reina models wearing sheer black and white nightwear

My mum...

Is the best lady I know. She never let me buy black clothing growing up saying that I would have the rest of my life to wear black. Therefore, you can only imagine the crazy ensembles and school pictures! A good Cuban mother never let her daughter leave the house without her giant helicopter-like hair bow.

I suck… 

At running. If there is something I have always despised about playing sports is the running. I never minded it if I were chasing after a ball or if there were some objective besides loosing weight. I try to not run through things in my life but instead maintain a steady pace both mentally and physically to reach the ultimate goal.

Alicia Reina model wearing cropped top and high waist briefs

My dreams are….

Very vivid at night. I see visions of colours and shapes that are so alive that some mornings it is hard to distinguish whether I lived or dreamt them. Being bilingual I tend to dream in both Spanish and English hence creating a lot of commotion in my brain and making me a very active sleeper.

There's a new...

Something always. In the present time, the world is ever evolving. What is here today is gone tomorrow. We should feel fortunate to be a part of the progression of man; of all that has been accomplished by the most delicate of beings.

Money makes…

Me sad. There are so many wars fought because of greed that people have lost sight on the principles of life. Money is a large contributor to all the anguish in the world. The focus of the world is not where it should be.

Alicia Reina model wearing balloon skirted dress and cap

Faith in… 

Myself is the propelling force that paves the way. It is about being creative with what you do and having faith in your work and yourself that will serve as the best marketing tool when promoting your business. It is about keeping an open mind and your eye on the prize.

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