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7 May 2011

Alexis Mabille

As a very young boy in Lyon, Alexis discovered fashion while searching through family attics and museums and re-cutting and sewing up antique lace, petticoats and fashion accessories.

As an adolescent, his passion for fashion developed and Alexis took his first steps as a designer conceiving costumes for the theatre and parties, and soon clothes for his entourage. In 1997, he received his diploma from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Following apprenticeships at Emmanuel Unargo and Nina Ricci, he joined the Dior team under Galliano for nine years.

Working with John Galliano and Hedi Slimane, Alexis affirmed his creative personality while developing Dior custom jewellery accessories lines. Thank to his rich and playful imagination served by a pointed technique, Alexis stayed faithful to the Dior spirit while drawing in new generations of clients. Among others, he was instrumental in creating the successful Massaï, Belle Epoque, Maharadjah and Funky lines. 

Nowadays, served by serious experiences of an international high profile fashion business, Alexis Mabille draws us into his dynamic, joyful and daring universe of his own line.

He remains sophisticated and always inspired by contemporary unisex fashion, which is why he was given creative carte blanche to fuse the impeccable quality and traditional techniques of French classic sportswear brand Pyrenex with his unique, imaginative brand of haute couture; the Pyrenex Premium collection marries an urban sensibility with an altogether more frivolous, whimsical brand of luxury.

Sculpted, supple and soft, Mabille’s work with volumetrics has upset all the codes in traditional down jacket design. The almost-weightless, ultra-warm feather filled material has been transformed into biker jackets and pea coats, capes and bombers in exaggerated proportions ranging from mini to maxi. Mabille’s signature "excess luxury" is evident with jewel-coloured fur trims or snowdrifts of tiny rectangular sequins.

Alexis Mabille model wearing cut-out draped maxi dress

Described as “a breath of fresh air in the realm of puffy-styles often associated with off-mountain lounging”, Pyrenex Premium is the perfect fusion of performance and luxury.

Nothing inspires me like…

Life, the craziness of Paris, the frivolity and energy of people... but fashion's history, too.

I hope…

To continue doing my job until the end, as I’m so passionate and have loved it since my childhood

Cultural influences…

French culture and history; I love to know about everything in detail.

Alexis Mabille model wearing western shirt and shorts

I got where I am...

Of course, I built everything from my white hands, of course with the support of so many cool people around me.

Fashion can sometimes…

Be crazy, but that is why I love it and why life is fun and active, the chance to realise dreams

Money makes…

Life more easy and soft, but doesn’t change creativity and human energy.

Creativity comes from…

Life, energy and dreams mixed with real-life ideas

Alexis Mabille model wearing floor length peplum dress

If I could…

Do whatever I love, it would be stunning

I have never…

Been really sad

Love is…

Exciting and frilling

My future is…


NYC/London/Paris/Milan are…

My life, travelling to promote my brand and collections

Alexis Mabille model wearing sleeveless white shirt and blue trousers

I wouldn't pay for…


My mum...

Worked with me from the beginning and is incredible

My biggest regret...

Is that time passes too quickly

I wouldn't want...

To lose my cat.

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