Aalto University

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture is an institution of higher education for design, media, architecture, motion picture, art education and art.  The new school, formed in a merger of the School of Art and Design and the Department of Architecture of the School of Engineering, will carry forward the internationally recognised expertise created by its predecessors. 

Cooperation and interaction between the different disciplines represented at the school challenge technology-driven thinking and put greater emphasis on a human and user-centred approach in the creation of new environments.

Our research in the field of design and media is world class and on a strong international standing in both art and architecture. Other leading research areas pursued at our school include design, digital media, audiovisual presentation, art research, visual culture and wellbeing construction, as well as community and urban construction.

Aalto University is the place where science and art meet technology and business.


Head of School

Anna Valtonen served in a variety of positions in Nokia between 1997 and 2009, most recently as Head of Design, Research & Foresight. She completed a Doctor of Arts degree at the University of Art and Design Helsinki in 2007 and served as a researcher and a Board member of the former and present university. Since 2008 she has been a member of the Board of Aarhus School of Architecture and a visiting researcher and professor at the ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, as well as a board member of several companies. Since March 2014 at her present position as the Dean of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture and a member of the Aalto University’s Management Team.

Courses Overview: Undergraduate and Postgraduate 

Bachelor of Fashion
Bachelor of Stage Sets
Bachelor of Costume Design
Master of Arts in Design for Theatre, Film and Television; Costume Design
Master os Arts in Fashion and Collection Design
Master of Arts in Visual Communication Design


Life in Finland

Finland is a place where the work-life balance really matters. People take time to go outside, no matter what the season, and they use their free time to relax and enjoy life. Fresh air and clean water are taken for granted here in Finland. There is never any smog or times when you shouldn't go outside.

Finns find ways to enjoy what nature has to offer in some weird and wonderful ways. You will undoubtedly have heard about the sauna (invented in Finland - we even use their word in English), but there’s also the uniquely Finnish outdoor pursuits of mobile phone throwing and wife carrying. Students benefit from the high quality of life, the stable yet dynamic economy, the safe and laidback atmosphere, the networked and transparent open civic society, and the ease and safety of getting around whether by public transport, bicycle, or on foot.

Tuition and Scholarship Information

For the intake of 2015 no tuition fees will be charged. To be eligible for financial aid, a student needs to be a Finnish citizen, have been admitted to the university, be a full-time student, make satisfactory progress in his or her studies and be in need of financial support. More information on student financial aid can be found here.

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