A handful of designers, thinkers and entrepreneurs created the International Design Awards in 2007
as a response to the lack of recognition and celebration for smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design. The IDA’s Fashion Design of the Year Award is awarded to designers with the vision to explore and chart new territory in the world of fashion, and the ability to set the agenda for style-conscious consumers everywhere.


Image - Zsuzsa Gspann, IDA 2017


The International Design Awards (IDA) exists to recognize, celebrate and promote legendary design visionaries and to uncover emerging talent in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design. IDA aspires to draw attention to the iconoclasm of design world wide, conceptualizing and producing great work.

Our fashion designer of the year will be a pioneer with the vision to explore new territory and the ability to set the agenda for style-conscious consumers everywhere. A leader and not a follower, our winner will have a fresh approach to fashion, creating innovative collections and being unafraid to make waves.

Our competition seeks to recognise those who can take a spark of inspiration and brilliance and turn it into something that turns heads and really stands out on the catwalks. We want to celebrate those who are able to create a signature style and use colour and movement to create stunning outfits which evoke feelings of excitement, passion and longing.

Jens Laugesen

Image - Jens Laugesen, IDA 2017


Social proof is one of the most influential factors in consumers’ decision making. Third party (Professional in addition to Consumer) reviews are as much as 12 times more trusted than internal descriptions, therefore the powerful cross-disciplinary platform of the International Design Awards is the ultimate testimonial to promote your designs. Having strong relationships with all major design-related media, your company’s PR exposure will be maximized.

The internationally renowned badge of IDA is a sign of quality for potential customers. It not only provides excellent marketing and PR opportunities but it also differentiates your award-winning company from competitors, improving brand awareness and supporting the promotion of your business to new design professionals and potential clients worldwide.


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ida 4

Image - Rebar Aziz, IDA 2017 2017


The IDA jury panel includes almost 30 design professionals and visionaries who are covering the five main submission categories of the IDA (Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic, and Fashion Design), all of whom are experts in their fields as design editors, educators, publishers, buyers, curators or academics.

ida 3

Image - Helena Bajaj Larsen, IDA 2017


7th September 2018 | Early-Bird 10% 
30th September 2018 | Early-Bird 5% 
30th November 2018 | Final Deadline


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