DYL - Define Your Life

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yverdon-les-bains / switzerland


haute ecole d'art et de design / hEAD - genève

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DYL is a Swiss brand for the next generation of men. It presents an innovative concept: one single garment offers the possibility of a great variety of items.

The human being, as well as the principle of a “Transformable” process both lie at the core of the design research. The heart of the project is to create “Transformable” clothing and accessories, which simplify everyday life and provide enjoyment, as well as protection and functionality. We wish to foster a new relationship with garments. Freeing them from the sole functions of utility, image and gender, allows for a more playful use with a wide range of reversible aesthetics suited to various contexts and activities.

DYL is a label of powerful emotions with a sense of style, the quest for freedom, sustainable awareness as well as the spirit of adventure. The main focus is on movement, i.e. a mix between the travelling spirit and x-sport.

The label focuses on ready-to-wear collections for men, elegant, trendy and sporty. It encapsulates a new way of dressing, perceiving and buying clothes, offering the current generation of men a unique experience, based on a strong context and innovative concept.

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