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budapest / hungary


moholy nagy university of art and design

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Let me introduce you to DYAN Shoes, a contemporary shoe brand, well known for its clear, minimalistic look and playful design.

DYAN Shoes are made of the finest materials, crafted by hand and prepared with meticulous care in Hungary. DYAN is the perfect choice, if you would like to expand your store’s selection with shoes that are essential for a modern wardrobe.
DYAN plays with symmetry and asymmetry, combines smart cuts with geometrical forms. Comfort is always primary, these shoes make good company for long and busy days.
In 2020, Diana Polgar - designer of the brand - was selected to the best 12 up-and-coming shoe designer from all over the world and won the chance to present DYAN at MICAM Milano, so you have might spotted us there!
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