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barcelona / spain


instituto europeo di design

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Dulce Estrada, born in Mexico, began her studies at the Centro de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (CEDIM) majoring in Design and Fashion Production. Subsequently she made her thesis at the Instituto Europeo de Diseño en Barcelona (IED), developing her design experimentation with materials and textures.
She has taken awards for experimental designs developed during her career as in Mexico as in Barcelona. She has worked in various fields of fashion, collaborating with the development of marketing and trend analysis for fashion shops in Monterrey, Mexico and as a production assistant at a fashion company in Barcelona.
Her interest in the fashion industry, its vision of bringing design across different cultures and concepts, the idea that “ handmade” is also a unique design that cannot be out missed in this time of mass production and the excessive consumption of poor quality parts have carried her to create DULCEESTRADA.

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