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d r ô n e is a young man's clothing brand founded during the fall of 2014. the brand is now part of Maisons de mode, and based in Lille.
The identity of the brand lies in innovative and specials textiles, functional cup, male and confortable, a dreamlike and technological world.
Between sportswear and Techwear, designers find their inspirations in archétypes and old equipment, keeping priority for the functionality of the garment. "Everything has to have a function," and "we are making clothes we would wear".
The desire to connect past and future is very present within the brand. Repeat sections of old clothing, divert those elite facilities (holding escrime, biker vest bulletproof), to create "rétrofuturistes" and functional clothing.
The drone word still means a lot, what is certain is that it symbolizes his time.
d r ô n e is defined by several principles:
- The desire to make the garment using innovatives and technicals fabrics.
- A French-made ethic: to make our clothes in France and not abroad.
- A cut which is both functional and esthetic.

The team consists of 6 people: two designers from the Studio Berçot, a graphic designer studying in EnsAD Paris, a product manager and CEO, an Executive Director from ESCP Paris and a communication direction in charge of public relations .

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