Grey Sheep


bratislava / slovakia


faculty of architecture

Graduation year


We decided to start Dressign, in the fall of 2012, after frustration with the lack of high quality, comfortable and well fitting clothes in the world of mainstream retail stores. We believe that the clothing you wear should be durable enough to keep up with your active lifestyle, yet still be fashionable enough to keep you looking your best. We decided to blend the creative and design skills learned from our study of architecture with our passionate love of textiles, and started a new line where the designs are available for all girls and women, no matter what shape, size or height. Our unique production process means that all of our designs come in both standard sizes and can be made to measure.

We work in an airy studio in Slovakia, right in the heart of Europe. Our customer base is truly an international one, so feel free to contact us no matter where you are.
Our philosophy
We believe everybody has the right to feel and look beautiful. All of your clothing should fit perfectly, no matter what your body shape, and should always make you feel comfortable and look your best.

We source, design, and produce everything right in our studio. This allows us to customize all of our handmade designs. Our design process and production is ethical and eco friendly.

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