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DORIDEA is Hungarian fashion label designed by Dóra Márkus, who represents the talented young designer generation in Hungary.

She studied at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) Fashion and Textile department. During these years, she began to find her voice and created the „rolls”, the very first unique elements of the Doridea brand. With time, these little rolls have become a trademark of the brand and have appeared in various forms and styles in the collections.

She aspires to design for modern, self-confident women, who do have the courage to draw attention to their unique style. The lines and silhouettes are simple and elegant as a true reflection of Dóri’s philosophy. Her style of blending pure elegance with femininity is apparent in every piece of her collection. The inspiration for the label comes from moods and textures, photos and films, Dóri believes that every singe part of her milieu can become the source of inspiration. The delicacy of materials and colors clearly distinguish her voice in Hungarian contemporary fashion.

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