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Iran-born, Toronto based Fashion Designer and Stylist, Dorian Rahimzadeh is the creator of
Dorian Who. She studied Fashion in Turkey at Lasalle College. Dorian attracted a lot of
attention through her work as a freelance stylist. Her bold, edgy and cultural aesthetic
has received praise by the likes of Elle Canada, Bof, Haber Turk, Iwomen sense,
Nouvelle, Toronto Life, Fashion Magazine and beautifull blood. Most recently, Dorian was selected as
one of the ten Canadian Disrupotors artists for the Exposed project, feature at CAFA
The brand, Dorian Who is inspired by Dorian's personal style and her love for her
heritage and different cultures. Growing up in Iran, fashion was a gateway for Dorian to
express herself within an isolated and restricted environment. She is always in search of
unique relations between art and design. Her use of bold colours, geometric shapes and
patterns are true to her personal style. Dorian Who showcases the beauty of her Middle
Eastern heritage with a modern twist.

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