Grey Sheep


new delhi / india


london college of fashion - university of arts london

Graduation year


We buy clothes,we buy more clothes and finally discard them!

Recycling has always been a deeply rooted tradition in our lives,be it the tradition of making kantha quilts out of the... old clothing or transforming your mom's vintage sarees into nice trendy attire or suit. We have always valued the resources we had and loved to be a part of it and felt connected to the old charm and warmth, but all that is changing. Increasing industrialization, globalization, fast fashion and ever-growing buying power among people has popularized a culture of quick disposable fashion.

The label 'doodlage' is a blend of sustainable and exclusive high street fashion. We aim to merge innovative designs with sustainable technique of clothing to make fashion not just chic,but also Eco-friendly.We work at re-designing,re-constructing and re-cycling good quality second hand clothing and industrial waste. We make sure every product has it's own identity--in terms of cut,fabric,color redefining the entire concept of individuality--just like you! This also ensures that, no 2 garments are the same – they can be cut from the same pattern but the raw materials will always be different.

We are not here to just make beautiful designs ,we want to create value, we are here to re-invent the ways to re-design,re-construct and recycle!