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Donia Allegue is a designer with atypical background. She has been immersed in an international environment at a very young age and spent her childhood in various parts of the world, which gave her a boundless open-mindedness. She moved to Paris to enrol at the Lycée Saint Louis de Gonzague and later at ESCP Europe. Even within the framework of this very general education, she knew early on that her future carrier laid in fashion, which is why she specialized in luxury goods. She graduated in 2006, and learned the ropes of her trade with Fendi, YSL and Dior but she instinctively knew that her entrepreneur spirit would eventually take over and that one day she would set up her own company.

And she had a revelation, when visiting an apartment, in Paris, with her mother. The lady who owned the place was wearing a very elegant turban, which bestowed her a unique charisma. This was quite an illumination and she saw the turban as the absolute fashion accessory. After some research and a market study, Donia realized that there was no Parisian turban house on the market.

With the support of her family, her clan, as she affectionately calls them, she set up DONIA ALLEGUE, Maison Parisienne de Turbans in October 2013.

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