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Based in New York City, The DJEEG'N \Jee-gan\ brand is inspired by the Wolof term "Djiguën" meaning woman, and catered to the self-expressive, creative, adventurous, mysterious and culturally sophisticated woman.

Our Mission

DJEEG’N celebrates what it is to be a woman. For women, we aspire for our designs to serve as a constant reminder to carefully guard her consciousness, let her natural talents and ability to shine allow her to overcome tough situations, make good things happen and remain strong.

In a society where people want to belong to groups because of societal, cultural and ethnic pressure, DJEEG’N reminds every woman that she can be whomever she wants because she is already a part of the most important group of her life---being a woman. Everything else in life is adornment.
Branding Elements

DJEEG’N is a perfect mix of uptown sophistication, downtown coolness and world culture.

Our 4 elements:

Prints: a global mix & match of designs and patterns inspired by African/ Indonesian lands
Colors: daring for a strong emotional impact.
Silhouettes: body flattering to compliment every woman’s lines and curves.
Fabrics: choices of natural fabrics for durability & health-related qualities.

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