Grey Sheep


stockholm / sweden


The Swedish School of Textiles - University of Borås

Graduation year


di.stort as fashion company creates innovative design. The designers’ works by questioning how garments are looked upon and they create new expression in fashion design through distortion of garments. di.stort´s collections always have a strong idea and concept that develops to wearable design. The design play with the combination of clean lines and draping. The looks are edgy and sophisticated detailing, print and interesting material combinations. di.stort is for fashion-conscious people. The garments are not divided in women- and menswear.

The two designers graduated their fashion design education in 2015 at the Swedish school of Textiles in Borås. Besides from a fine design education they have gained a lot of knowledge in textiles techniques such as printing, knitting, weaving and they apply this different techniques in their design.

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