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Disselhoff is a woman’s accessories label, embodying honesty throughout design, manufacturing and use.

Creating unique designs with a distinctive aesthetic and valuing the life before the leather. Minimalistic, yet playful with the unexpected use of natural materials, manufactured in the most responsible and sustainable way.

Our story doesn't begin with the finished leather, its starts much earlier. With a life.

We believe in the respectful treatment of people, animals and the environment. And we are against mass animal husbandry with all of its harmful effects on our beautiful planet and the animals themselves.

The bio-leather DISSELHOFF source, is the best we have found available so far. Our bio-leather is an organic leather that is from farm animals which are kept in accordance with the currently valid 'Biokreis' guidelines for agricultural production in Germany. The Biokreis guidelines also meet the requirements of the BioSuisse association. Both organisations stand for an ecological and animal-friendly agriculture, that support local economies, and are examples of some of the best regulations in place around the globe.

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