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Hi I'm Francesco Carpineti, designer and co-founder of DIS - Design Italian Shoes.

After 10 years of experience in the shoes business, working with the best quality made in italy shoes, I decide to start a very innovative project.

DIS is tradition, innovation and made in Italy; it’s the voice of artisans families from “Le Marche” region and, thanks to their workshop, they create our “shoes valley”, the made in Italy footwear district, an innovative and receptive network which is our worldwide pride for shoes manufacturing. DIS is deeply rooted in over 40 years of experience, in artisans workshops where the knowhow is thoroughly treasured as it becomes part of the territory itself, passed on from father to son, from one generation to another. Made in Italy and quality are DIS shoes foundation, creating veritable artisanal products, still following antique master craftsmen techniques.

The manufacturing process evolves with DIS, beckoning new concepts around it. The customer becomes the real protagonist of our artisanal production process, led by its own deep EGO awareness and by its personal taste, leaving apart trends and fashion. Shoes thus become personal and completely customisable, unique as the customer designed it; from imagination to reality through a 3D configurator with rendering as realistic as photos.

DIS is born from the idea of breaking the old patterns, rethinking the whole artisanal shoes production process in an innovative way, subverting and demolishing market and fashion rules. The real start took place in 2013 when brothers Andrea and Francesco Carpineti met Michele Luconi, new technologies expert. This is the point where traditions meet innovation, melting together and originating a modern rearrangement of purchase method.

DIS is not about selling shoes, but offers much more. DIS is emotion, giving the customer one of a kind personalisation experience. Everybody can be designer for a day, creating their own pair of made-to-order shoes. Our 3D configurator allows people to choose from different styles, customising every part of the shoes, selecting materials, colours, eyelets, laces, lining and sole, with over 45 millions combinations. Clients are guided through material and style selection according to their needs. In addition they can save and modify their creations, record their size and check order status in the private area. Choosing the ideal product becomes a ritual, from measuring feet to choosing even the smallest detail, like monogram and name inscription for a complete personalisation giving birth to a unique shoe. This is DIS service, fully expression of our consumer DNA.

DIS is past, present and future. A careful research is carried out to recover historical models, typical and distinctive designs, marks of made in Italy worldwide. Classic, evergreen models characterise iconic Italian personalities, embodying our shoes style and modernising shapes and details. A great research is also done for materials, which have to keep the quality standard high for every leather and hide, as well as rubber sole lightness (natural rubber or Eva, new generation super light and resistant sole). Our printed shoes and our exclusive patterns are what really makes DIS shoes stand out. When creating a new collection we take inspiration from nature; natural elements colours bond armoniously with shoe’s leather shades. The design still starts from lines traced on the last, that are then made 3D using a computer rendering software, originating a virtual shoe alter ego, faithful in every inch to the real model.

DIS is a classic man, formal and avant-garde. Every one of our clients can design and wear what they prefer, always manufactured in accordance to local traditions. DIS also wants to expand the collection for our potential customers, introducing a sneaker line for casual moments. Women’s line is on the go, still following our philosophy of individual style, disconnected from fashion. The cherry on top is our accessory line, leather goods and belts, the perfect match for customised shoes, totally in line with our consumer’s taste. DIS is contamination, fusion of manual and artistic elements converted in unique products, that is why our Limited Edition is the maximum expression of artisanal manual skills as well as the exploration of digital print new frontier;shoes become white canvas to be embellished and decorated following our most demanding customer’s refined taste.

DIS shoes are born to be distributed worldwide through our website www.designitalianshoes.com , giving the chance to everybody, everywhere to create their ideal shoe comfortably from home. DIS is only housed in few selected boutiques, that share and support our work making customers feel DIS quality. A personal stylist will help through shoes customisation process, using our 3D configurator, guiding through various styles and models on the website, letting customers try on and feel the right fit, making them touch and feel our top quality leathers selected to create a truly handmade made-to-order shoe. DIS is always developing and spreading to the biggest national cities and to international metropolis, especially focussing on Italy, Northern Europe, USA and Japan.

DIS believes in people and in relationships created between them, old town squares become virtual places, information travel fast on internet, made in Italy aficionados share their opinions and advices on how to create their perfect shoe, thrilled by DIS. DIS shoes are so unique and alive, perfect to be shown with pride to friends, worn in most important events or for everyday life. Among these followers our Ambassadors stand out: evolved consumers, dynamic, influencers, cosmopolitan and above all, really fond of DIS project so to embody its essence.

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