Grey Sheep


shanghai / china


chelsea college of arts and london college of fashion

Graduation year


Dirty Baby is a Shanghai-based Womenswear brand. The brand aims to make ‘cute & weird’ design for young generation. That inspiration is from different types of artwork: including outsider art, contemporary art, video art and sub culture. Dirty Baby has done numbers of exhibitions which show the design.
The founder and designer of Dirty Baby is Chinese-born fashion designer Beibei Zang. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2012, with her Master Degree. At the beginning, she made garments for her friends, including singers, actress, fashion editors and contemporary artists. Because more and more people like her design, she built her Brand, Dirty Baby, in the April 2015.
These seasons, Beibei Zang has collaborated with Chinese contemporary artist Nhozagri (Rong Zhai) who has made the whole cute and creepy visual prints for Dirty Baby.

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