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jakarta / indonesia


the university of nottingham

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Established by Dinna Rohmatunnisa in April 2014, DinnaRo offer range of accessory and craft products from bags, shoes and jewelry. We celebrate customer’s different lifestyle by providing high quality and luxurious product with attention to detail for a chic, dynamic and elegant women.It's our objective to support local craftsmanship by using materials from Indonesia and collaborating with local craftsmen.

Dinna Rohmatunnisa, our main designer studied her master degree at Nottingham Business School in 2008. After she graduated she handled her family business in hospitality industry and worked as a business consultant.However she felt that she had to follow her heart and in January 2013 she decided to take a fashion design course with Sapta d Lucas in Jakarta, Indonesia.In April 2014 she started this company and began to sell her products via online. Two moths after that she joined a competition in Indonesia called Lomba Perancang Aksesori 2014 held by Femina Group and became the first winner in that competition. In June 2015 she had an opportunity to take an accessory design course at Istituto Marangoni, Milan.

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