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Dina shaker is an Egyptian designer based in Cairo.she began her career as an interior designer after graduating from Fine Arts Alexandria University. Soon she decided to pursue her passion and start a career in fashion. After graduation from Cairo Fashion Design Center with a diploma in fashion design and marketing Dina had the opportunity to work in design for one of the industry's most influential fashion companies in Egypt. The invaluable experience she gained inspired her to fulfill her lifelong dream and launch her first collection in 1999.She was able to found her first brand in1999 under the label “spicy” which was considered to be one of the first Egyptian fashion brands that introduced a 100% pure Egyptian products designed and manufactured by Egyptian creativity up to the international standards. Her philosophy has been always been to create a challenging s local fashion brand in a market that was totally inspired by imported fashion.
In 2011,she launched her own signature line Dina Shaker that offered a very sophisticated limited edition collection that was successfully featured at the most prestigious boutiques of Cairo. After gaining recognition in local market Dina is now seeking exposure in global markets. Her vision for her brand within the coming years is to establish new channels through participating in international fairs and fashion platforms that will help her to create a global network to promote her brand to a wider audience.
Her fine arts background always influences Dina Shaker designs. Modern art, architecture, and culture always inspire her work. She puts too much focus on details, textures, proportions and shapes. She likes to play with fabrics, which inspires her with structure and shape of designs. Her technical knowledge of garments proper fit and design, combined with her innate creative abilities results in effortless and wearable styles but with a twist. It also reflects the kind of woman she addresses: strong, self confident, and fearless. She believes that style cannot be dictated. She prefers to design clothes that help women to discover their true identity.
Dina Shaker collection always consists of timeless statement pieces that could be compiled together to form outstanding outfits. Or would simply be mixed with basics to fit everyday wardrobes. Her collection always influences pairing things in ways that no one ever anticipated.

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