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Graduated in the Faculdade Santa Marcelina in São Paulo, Brazil, the designer Diego Gama finds a balance between the love for creating and developing experimental textiles while being truthful to the designer's basketball player background, with a sportive vibe and clean shapes.
The inspiration comes mainly from paying attention to human relations. The way we relate with each other, the enviroment and ourselves.
We believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in the way they want. That's why we position ourselves as agender.
The brand diegogama is based on the idea that the act of handmaking attributes uniqueness to its pieces. That's why each step of the process of producing the garments varies from piece to piece, respecting each material and the maker's individuality, This way we can create a coherent and impecable final product.
It's fair to say that diegogama is a brand created to show an alternative way to think and produce unique and contemporary pieces.

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