Diana Aparo

Grey Sheep


rome / italy


Accademia Costume & Moda

Graduation year


I became interested in fashion at the age of thirteen years old.
I studied at a scientific high school but never stopped believing in my interest in Fashion.
As well as my studies I participated in many fashion courses in London, at Central Saint Martins.
I later applied to Accademia Costume & Moda, fascinated by the teaching method.
In July I was selected to present my graduation collection during Altaroma at the Accademia Fashion Show" Talents 2017 “.
My womenswear collection's name is LAIDE and with thanks to LAIDE, I won the Fashion Prize this year.
The collection is inspired by an Italian novel "Un Amore", written by Dino Buzzati.
The book tells a lovestory between a journalist and a young prostitute. The whole research started from this sentence that deeply inspired me: "Among city walls made out of concrete, in the cahotic bleakness, some kind of a flower". I worked for a collection that could describe the BRUTALIST aspect of the everyday city-life and still empower FEMININITY.
The name LAIDE, was given to the collection to highlight the two controversial aspects, and make them live together, trying to create "some kind of a flower”.
The main aspects is the research and the importance given to fabrics, I had the chance to collaborate with two important fabric manufacturers, as Alesilk and Ostinelli Seta, they gave me the opportunity to express what I had in mind trough unique fabrics and a special finishing process."

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