Zohra Rahman

United Kingdom
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Collection – Tear-ability

"Tear-ability" invites you for a swim in a pool of melancholy. It’s a poetic narrative where being one with one’s grief provides catharsis. Melancholy is beautiful. It’s like chords being played sometimes one and two sometimes two and one and three, the same way the collection's multiple strands of blood and tears tingle over the...

Fashion Films

Observing the subtle eccentricities of everyday life is Zohra Rahman’s favourite pastime, one that often finds its way into her designs. She uses her perceptions of daily life to excite thought and instigate debate. Parody features strongly in her pieces – this coupled with the underlying current of irony, fuse together seamlessly to create a witty, tongue-in-cheek product that reflects Zohra's determination not to take life too seriously.